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Hey there, welcome to blogland! The sweater looks great! Love the two colored ribbing all around. I hadn't noticed that in your first pic. Very cute! Now that we've seen his sweater, I hope we get to see the little boy sometime. ;0)


I'd love to rave but I can't see the pics! See you Sunday though.


I'm so excited and welcome to the blog world. I can't wait to see the pics!!!


I love the sweater. The blue and green bounce off each so nicely.


Yeah, it is a little garish, isn't it. But I promise you, it works on Will.
Boys gotta have some revenge for pink and purple, non?

Mary Beth

Very cute! And thanks for sharing your backside with us :). I love to see how others finish off those loose ends. Yours looks great!


Welcome to the wonderful world of knitblogs!! Great sweater - can just picture it on a little guy. Think he'll beg for compliments for you?Thanks for sharing your backside.


That is such a cute sweater! Now I've got to try my hand for my little guy... and I can see hearts or flowers on a similar one for my growing-an-inch-a-day diva :) Congrats on the new blog, looks great!


Three stars...three karats! How appropriate...and how cute! Nice job...what's next? :D


Loooooove the dino hood. How clever of you. Will is obviously pleased too. Cheers!

Beth Zelnick Kaufman

can you share the star graph or point me to the pattern from which you pilfered it? my daughter wants a star on the back of her next cardigan (top down raglan, she requested) and I LOVE your star.


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