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Norma Stop me now, before I start another thing I can't finish. I think Teresa C. is going to the conference.

Teresa C

Yes I am! I will be there all day Thursday, half day Friday and all day Sunday. Then there will be the shopping time......What did you sign up for on Friday?


Lucky you! I use (learned from Lucy Neatby) short row shoulders and love them! Take all the classes you's always worth while.


Looks great! Love that lacy bit at the neck. So pretty!


LOVE your blog! Love the Jaipur too - is that your own pattern? In the mood to share?


Hey, the LD really shows that pattern nicely! I really like the neckline on that pattern, too...

*having LD envy cause I've had little time to knit this week..* ;-)


Jaipur is from Rowan #33. I love looking at it (you are such an inspiration!) and I would really like to knit it for myself, but I'm afraid that it won't have it in my size... but I think I can make alterations to the pattern to make it fit.

Rowan #33 on my shopping list? Yeap.

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