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The Mysterious K

Laughed so hard I spewed coffee! (I'm a Mariners fan who loves to see Alex screw up and hates those Yankees!)



I'm sending your link to Susan...she'll love it!!


I heard Steinbrenner got an offer for the Yankees from a guy in the Phillipines. The guy wants to rename them the Manilla Folders.


That is so deliciously evil.


Oh woman! I have to show that one to my 9 year old diehard Sox fan. Get this. Pete found a babysitter for this Saturday night. Yes, good man scheduling a date to be with his wife. Well. I heard him on the phone earlier this week with the girl's mother. "We won't be needing Heather on Saturday night if the Sox win tonight."

Hmmmmm. No one consulted me on this one.


This is the best anti-Yankee joke I've seen yet. I've been reveling in all the hits I've gotten on my blog from people searching Google for "Yankees choke."


Thanks for the laughs! I'm going to tell a great SOX story on my blog in a bit (when I get around to posting...) and I'm stealing this. :)
Take care,


Ohhhhhhhhh, evil. It will definitely make my husband smile.


As a life long/long suffering Met fan - I love this - I am blowing it up and putting it on my desk! Thanks for the laugh!

Gina from MA

LOVE it!

Kerri from RI

That is so evil... I love it!!!! Has anyone seen the one where a kid is wearing a Red Sox shirt chucking the bird, saying 'Hey Yankees, who's your daddy now?' I gotta find that one!!!!

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