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Your wee 'n is adorable! Cute Frog King crown. I hope you are able to capture the The Wood Fairy on film, I'd love to see the finished costume.


Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! What a great hat. Hoping A) You get to see the leaf poncho modeled live and B) that you share the experience with us!

RE: bumper sticker - got it. Good one. [I'm currently sporting Bush/Cheney 1984]


I finished one Clapotis ... and another is coming soon!


clapotis is coming along, a very enjoyable knit! btw, i tried to click on your free dino hat pattern and alas, no pattern. is it possible for me to get it? i think my little man would give up candy and cookies for an entire day for such a cute hat!


Wow! A most excellent hat there! And of course my kiddo was lurking when I pulled it up and immediately went into the "I WANT ONE TOOOOOO" mode. So yes, I care! I care! You are such an inspiration (:


What a great costume. You are very talented in many ways. Many beautiful, fun and creative costumes around the web. Makes me glad to not have children....a sewing machine gives me hives. That hat could not be more wonderful. I hope you/he keeps it forever.

Let's all pray (and vote) for Tuesday. I just hope it's over.

Teresa C

That boy looks adorable. I am so impressed with the crown!!!! Way to go!


The child is adorable! The crown is great! And you know me, I'd love to see you publish that one...I'll be first in line.

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