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Wow, what a great costume! I was sitting here thinking that I should get off my ass and sew the Halloween tablecloth. I will now cease whining about my lousy little 2 seams!


Thanks for showing the back! All those ends!


You are so talented ! I'm really impressed with the costume.


Woman! You are just about the BEST Mom ever! Can you make three more costumes while you're at it? :) Let me guess ~ you used to work in theater?


Oh, I LOVE the costume. I used to make all Abigail's costumes, too.....I loved doing it like nothing else. I thought they were great at the time, but they were nothing compared to yours.


Very talented lady! I love the costume. And doesn't it feel good when you're kids like what you do? aaaah, sweet satisfaction (though too short lived).


I made wings a few years ago (and I was definitely more than twelve and still dressing up) out of some sort of polyester chiffon-y material by saturating two layers of it with craft glue and pressing them together, letting the whole thing dry on waxed paper, then cutting out wings, sewing them to a little square of fabric in the back and attaching really skinny elastic loops to wear around my arms/shoulders. I even painted tons of complex veining on the wings when they were done. I know that isn't the clearest explanation, but I got the idea from a pattern (Simplicity 9454) and the wings lasted through three Halloweens and two moves. I'm a little too into Halloween, if you couldn't guess.

Teresa C

I wanna be Mary Poppins. Even if you just have the bag or the parrot handled parasol, it would make me very happy! My gig is on the 23rd, can you help? You know, they have pretty good wings at Wal Mart, and you can cover them, that is what I have done in the past.


Welcome to RAOK! I'm loving your Fairy costume! It also reminds me that I've got two weeks to make my costumes, too! Your floral bag is looking marvelous, too.

Gina from MA

Love the wood fairy costume. I'm making a princess costume for my toddler, but it's pretty rudimentary - nothing as impressive as yours!

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