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I feel it is my duty to warn you about the dangers of putting coffee grounds in the disposal. Ask me how I know. (the scientific explanation: They are heavy, so they settle in the pipes before leaving the building, thereby leading to a horrible CLOG that has to have Roto-Rooter there to laugh at you and give you a big bill. Also, the Roto-Rooter guy warned us against pasta, which hardens like cement.) I asked the question, "with all the things you have to AVOID putting down the thing, what's it good for!?" So annoying. Sheep poop is good for ya. Tell the hubby.


Norma oughta know after spending the weekend walking among sheep poops...Cute booties, regardless of size.


Oyy..I used to date a high end audio guy...I was usually the only female in the shop and spent a lot of time explaining "girl stuff" and "how to get a date", whilst learning all about tubes. Very educational for all concerned.


Nice booties. (Nope, not hitting on you.) I completed one of these, then, thanks to paying absolutely no attention, stitched the back up incorrectly. (Imagine one seam straight up the back, giving the booties an elvin quality.) And, since I seamed it so freaking well, I couldn't get the seam out without cutting live stitches. I have since started another but they seem to be getting pushed further and further back. I fear that the child will be too old to wear them once I have finished them. Maybe we could switch. ;-)


Very cute booties and love the colour. Men can be damn hard to work out sometimes!!


I have never been able to knit booties that would actually fit an infant - no matter what pattern I use - they always turn out huge!

Yours are very pretty though, she will just have to grow into them.


About Samantha...The Bean is 2 and she'd look adorable in it ;> At least the booties didn't turn out to be Christmas ornament size. I attempted a pair of booties for Bean and even though she was teensy, these were made for doll feet. I keep thinking I'll try socks and then I remember The Bootie Incident (sounds like a porn film).


The booties are great. Mine are always too big also. I should invest in a yarn keeper bracelet.
I showed my husband the first sentence in your post, and now he's really, really excited. He's a big head-fi guy also. So, here's a question on behalf of my husband: Does your husband belong to any audio internet groups?

Thanks for getting back to me.

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