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Howl! Fabulous.

I can relate to the food. Morningstar Farms ersatz chicken nuggets are a preferred entree in our house. Granted, my child is a vegetarian by her choice rather than ours. (She's two and a half and the face she makes when confronted with meat or cheese is the equivalent of making the sign of the cross in front of a vampire).


OMG, just what I needed on a quiet Saturday. I knew Julia would come to the rescue and make me glad to live in my house and not hers. THEY, the guys that is, have to be 'right' some of the time just so they can keep the deluision that they are in charge. Nice of you to let him think he is smart. That story alone will keep me from wanting to spin for some time!!


Oh dear.

Try washing fleece in a top loading washing machine. If you have one and want more fleece washing opinion, email me.


Our water heater doesn't get hot enough to melt all of the gook on the finewools. I *have* to wash in the kitchen, as I must supplement water heater water with boiling stove water. We have yet to get ill from any of it. Now, first things first - if it's actively *poopy* as in dags rolling onto the floor when you pull locks from the bag, you need to properly skirt the fleece (and shame on the shepherd for selling it to you unskirted!). Next, I recommend using lingerie netting bags for all washing - prevents the stuff from flowing into the drain, no matter which sink you use. When you rinse, there's a lot of dust/dirt/grit that doesn't come out easily unless you put it through a high speed spin in the laundry machine. Front loaders are more efficient in this case. Good luck! As far as the husband's opinions, just don't tell him that studies have shown toilet spray (even with the lid down) can carry up to 20 feet. :b Ewww...


Hey, Moth, am I the only one who saw nothing wrong with what you were doing until the husband walked in? I must not have much of a superego either.


LOL! No boring days in your household! ;)

Can you please add me to the Clapotis knit-along, I just started my own. :)


Oh lord. Next year we're bringing you with us to Rhinebeck. I bet your husband will pay us to pick you up! Seriously, you should think about it. We've got a lovely group of ladies and you'd fit right in. Just leave the sheep poop at home, otherwise none of us will want to room with you. Ok, so maybe Sandy wouldn't mind. ;)


Don't worry- there are plenty of us in other countries (such a relief that knit-blog land has no borders) who can't get to Rhienbeck either! I feel sooooo out of it!!
And I didn't see anything wrong with washing fleece in the kitchen sink. You were multi tasking: child care and productive enterprises at the same time! very efficient I say.
(This is coming from a person who was photographed eating (cold) charcoal from the fire place as an infant mind you..)

Stephanie gotta learn about that one the hard way. We had to call a plumber.

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