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alas, that pesky ole manos. i've had the same problem with it and guess anyone who ever works with it will have the problem. thats what we get for paying big bucks for designer yarn, eh? nonetheless, i'm sure the sweater will be loved and cherished and anything handmade should be.


Colinette is much the same.I tend to ignore those destructions because life's too short ! I just go with the flow and revel in the unique qualities of the yarn.This only works if you can live with the effect !
Don't be so hard on yourself ! Reconsider the sweater in a few days and daylight.Have a nice cup of tea. ~:0)


Welcome to the club of imperfect knitters. We've been awaiting your arrival. I know the manos will work out better the second time around. Until then, cheers to the mighty healing powers of the dishcloth!


My commiserations- Thanks for blogging about this- it's a good reminder to all coveters of luscious, handpainted yarns! Even if you do decide (after several cups of tea and dishcloths) to frog it, you will still be able to cherish the memories of the comfort that it brought you, distracting you from all those automotive near misses, and the wonder and excitement of the top down creation process...


When I make silly goofs (like not reading tags, something that happens more often than not), I do my best to avoid frogging by telling myself that it's "Not a mistake, but a design element"! It's saved me countless hours of rewinding yarn. ;)

Crissy H

UGH! Sorry to hear about the Manos. I too am a distracted knitter, and often look at my work about 3/4 of the way thru, needless to say I have a lot of projects that get ditched about 3/4's of the way thru, LOL! Welcome to the Fiber RAOK!

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