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Love you too, dahlink.

kim in oregon

Hey! Who said I don't read your blog??


I, too, am amazed at the warmness and generousity of the online knitting world. My name is Laura from beautiful West Michigan (in my best AA voice)and I am a non-blogger. But I surf a bunch of them nearly everyday in the slow moments at my job (of which there are many most days.) One of the things I really enjoy is the diversity. Nipper and her hair color du jour, NY knitters, country knitters, wonderful Rachel in Oakland, men knitters, young knitters who are SO eloquent, my fellow step-mom Amy in San Diego, young moms, us "old" grandmas and knitters from other countries! It's so great to have just knitting in common and yet be able to enjoy them all so much.


It's just mind-boggling... and so cozy! Share the love.


The world is a better place because of our friendships and love...let's keep it going! Spread the love.

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