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I love your lowly little blog. Glad you are self-repairing quickly.


My sewing skills leave a little to be desired, but I'll be there for the sewing up party.

Oh, and the dpn in the leg? OUCH! What did DH say?


She's found the secret scroll......


HOpe your leg is feeling not sore.


Just keep an eye on it, K?
Now I know why you went on the YNBA. All that yarn in your friends house and no place to go? It would be a BIG temptation.
Knit safe.


The only knitting drama in my house has been an unreasonable amount of frogging - I gotta get my drame *somewhere* ;>


Hmm. Sex and carnage. I haven't tried either of those on my blog (well, okay, there are the banner photo and the poncho sans pants) - perhaps I should give them a try and boost my readership!


I've noticed people are interested in my posts about being pregnant, which encompasses both sex and pain, so I can concur.


BTW, I've added myself to the Clapotis knitalong, but I must've forgot to email you. Will you add me? Thanks!

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