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I went to the Kid N Ewe Show today and spent lots of time talking to the Alpaca People, they proselytize, did you know that? Well, they almost have me sucked in, now all I have to do is come up with 10K. I want them soooo bad. Just for pets, pets you shear. Then of course, I need to learn to spin. When will it end?


I really didn't need to see this. I lovelovelove those 'pacas. Unlike Julia above, I already spin. I almost bought an alpaca fleece at Rhinebeck. How the Spindicate would have howled in laughter!


That alpaca table - if it's the same one I've seen in use, it's amazing! As for being careful about what you wish for - well... I wished for a rabbit. As in one. As in a sweet bit of fluffy diversion. I got my rabbit. I got another two. I got a lifestyle! And loving it.


Sigh...condo living has it drawbacks.


So if I keep wishing for bunnies, I'll have one soon? I really haven't even thought about alpacas. Really. (But now that you mention it.....)


Do you try to be a bad influence, or does it come naturally?


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