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That looks like such a fun party ...


You look marvelous!
If I'd been there I'd be fighting you for the Dansko's;-)
How much fun for everyone to be together. NE is the place to be!


I went shopping for a new coat while I was there but unfortunately ended up with my own. See you at SPA!


I just read your last post, and I was stunned to see a link to the tiny, middle of nowhere, place that I live. I actually live in the municipality of Argyle, still, but there is also, Argyle Sound (where I grew up), Argyle Head, Lower Argyle, and Central Argyle. I'm not sure why there is no Upper Argyle. All of these places are maybe 15 to 20 miles of road total. Except for some of Argyle Head, it follows the coast of Nova Scotia, so you can see the ocean from almost anywhere.


Beth S.

I still can't believe I actually *did* that.

I'm glad you got a picture before the All-Consuming Vortex of Twist happened. Here it looks like I actually kind of sort of was maybe doing it right. A little.



Its so cackle-inducing to watch a new baby spinner born. BWHAHAHAHA! We've got her.

It was lovely to see you. I'm totally cracking up over the whale costume.


Aww, that's a great picture of Beth! And your whale costume is extremely impressive.


First of all, if that isn't the picture of motherly love, well, I don't know what would be. And happy birthday to the young man! Woo! I didn't realize, and would have congratulated you in person if I had. I hope you had a wh--oh, I can't. Never mind.

Now, I'm glad the drink is clearly visible in my hand. And Beth was brilliant. And starting off with cashgora just seems like the very rightest thing to do, don't you think? She did great, don't listen to her. As all spinners know, the vortex is a necessary part of the process. Keep spinning.


Mamacate rocked. Cashgora...whew. Great picture of the intensity on Beth's face during the spinning.


You are my hero. I would give a lot to see you catch krill.

Lee Ann

I'm jealous that Cate started Beth off with cashgora...

Love the drink in the hand, too :-) Ah, well...her wheel will soon be mine, bwahahahaha...


I wish that every weekend had a "to do" list like that.


You are too fun!!! And here I was thinking it would be trains. Bean is either getting Cinderella or pirates. She's not sure yet.

Go check out my new red leopard Danskos. I want the plaids too, though.


Oh my, where can I score a pair of those plaid and red leopard Danskos? I love the whale costume. You are so awesome! Happy birthday four year old!


From whales to spinning converts - it sounds like quite the weekend. ;-)


That whale costume? Incredible! You're one of my mom role models. You know how many moms out here in fashionista Houston wouldn't dream of putting on a whale costume for a party? I'd be all about it!


Must've been one heck of a party! Claudia's house looked full. Wish I was there!

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