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It's amazing how the same roving looks spun different ways!


I need that knowledge. What I get is MUD.


You know, I looked at my Ashland Bay roving to see if I could separate the colors, but it didn't seem possible. They were so mixed in, and it would just be a couple of strands of green, a couple of strands of red, etc. So I spun it as-is and got a flecky heathered sort of mud. Sigh.


Very interesting results. I agree with Norma's mud. I think it's time to be more active in what meets the twist.

Beth S.

So those three yarns in the last photo were all spun from the same roving? Wow. Knowledge certainly is power!


Sounds like a very frutiful workshop. As with the dyeing, I just never have the patience to make myself do those excersises on my own. Cool stuff.


Wow! Sounds like you learned a lot along with the fun! What a great setting too!


Hey, don't keep those little workshops a secret. It sounds terrific!


I can't believe how different the yarns look depending on how the roving was drafted. Amazing.


I need to practice more with spinning from the fold - so many more possibilities... :) I could really use one of those workshops!


I have no clue as to what "spinning from the fold" means (you could say folding from the spin and I'd still just smile and nod), but that one is darn pretty.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!


well, now i know it's not just me who's getting mud!
good to know there are alternatives, although they look not really within reach right now.
looks like you had way too much fun, as usual!


ah ha! there is a method to the spinning maddness... all are beautiful but knowing that there is a way around the mud is spectacular.

(the wedding cake house? I drove by it, daily, during my first year of grad school...I miss living so close to the ocean.)


Kellee warned me away from the Ashland Bay at NHS&W because of the MUD. I'm glad to know there's a remedy, but probably I'll wait until I have more of a clue about what the h*ll I'm doing. :)

That said - what a great and fun workshop!


Sounds like a great workshop!


Oh holy crap! Wouldja lookee there?!?! That's amazing. AND gives a new hope for a new life to the AB rovings shoved into the back of the fiber bins. Thanks for posting this.

Also? What Judy said. ;)

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