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I recently had luck with putting a little ammonia in my trash bin, to repel the raccoons. There were some tasty pieces of salmon and an only-half-empty carton of expired cream cheese as bait, but the critter approached the bin--tapped it once--pulled away with an offended look--crawled up to my front door to lodge a complaint--then thought better of it (he knows who is boss now!) and went away.

So, no long-term evidence, but it's worth trying?


I can't wait to see that Romney; I love the way colored fleece takes dye, all the dimension and variation. I, of course, would never be caught dead using Country Classic, but to each his own. Just don't be surprised if I pretend not to know you when we're out in public, I do have a reputation to uphold.

And gorgeous, gorgeous Wisteria.


Oh, what a shame about your cherry tree! Good luck with that groundhog. And have fun with the dyeing!


Wisteria and a white picket fence=perfect together.


Good luck with the garden critters.

The dyeing looks like a lot of fun. If something appears even remotely scientific I'll love it I'm saving up salsa jars for my own eventual dye experiements.


There must be a shotgun around here somewhere. I take no prisoners when it comes to critters in my garden.


That is one honking wisteria. The groundhog? What Norma said. Groundhog is a synonym for lawnmower. Only it's not the lawn.

The Feminist Mafia

Oh, I love wisteria! And you have yourself a beautiful one. Good luck with the rodent. A couple years ago, we had a serious gopher problem. Those bastards tunnel under everything. It was great fun to place Ball jars upside down over the holes and watch them surface into the glass. It had no real effect, but it was fun to see them trapped.


I just love systematic dyeing.


The same storm tore through the neighbor's yard too\, only difference was she got up at 3 am to fix it before **horrors** anyone saw ;>


Beautiful garden! The critters are always the dilemma, aren't they. I try and try with the hav-a-hart. Good luck.


Matt used to have a coworker who a) tried to fumigate a groundhog, b) forgot to seal the exit hole, c) was quite startled when the large, stoned animal came out of the ground close to him, and d) beat it to death with a 2x4 before he realized what he was doing. Or so he claimed.


No matter what brand of dye you use you will find that the yellows have to be made stronger to hold their own with the blues and reds. Remember how much I cut the navy for the workshop? And even though I trippled the gold it was blown away by the red and blue. I am not sure about the aqua but turquoise is usually quite strong. Magenta (maybe fuschia, too) may need a little cutting.

This is all experimenting until you find out what proportions work best. That is why I suggested working with one brand of dye.

Glad you had a good time with your dyeing! Go for it! You can get a lot of depth dyeing colored wools!


Last week my neighbor beat a groundhog to death in my front yard with a stick for decimating his green beans. At the time I was traumatized but now I've got my garden planted. And my stick ready.

I desperately want to put some wisteria on our garage but everyone tells me it will squeeze the garage to death and to drop the idea. So I'm just going to look at the pictures of yours for now and sigh deeply.


Someday we will speak of the skunk wars.


Despite the death in your backyard and the groundhog invasion, I would give anything to be sitting there right now on this gorgeous day. Best.backyard.ever. Alas, I'm in my living room, one babe writhing around on the sofa and one asleep in the bedroom where he screamed himself sleepy. ;)

Diane E.

My wisteria is just now setting buds here in CT. Along with your sporadic/specific storm, you must have had sporadic/specific warming to encourage such blooms! So tranquile.


I love your organized you are! Can't wait to see the results!


Sorry about the tree! But can't wait to see those colors.


What a shame about losing the tree. Each one is like a friend that you know and love having nutured for years. I am so sorry. One of my apricots finally died but it has always been sickly. Last year I planted a Blenheim which is an older version and it has grown (and produced) in leaps and bounds. We have gophers in California. I have double layers of chicken wire in my raised beds and yes, they manage to get through. It's Full Combat Gardening!


Condolences for the loss of your cherry tree. Perhaps you can salvage some of the branches and twigs to use on the grill (fruittree smoke is delicious).


You're rockin' my fiber world over here! This looks like a boatload of fun!

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