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Tube top? Skirt a la Paris Hilton?

Beth S.

Hang on, that's mohair... are you saying the litte bastards eat KSH as well as well? Because I did not know that.


No, no, just keep going. You are strong, you are invincible, you are knitter....

Remind me to put everything from Cummington in the freezer before I do anything else......

Silk's OK, right?


Moths? Oh the horror! Love your vigilante description. Sounds like you definitely have the upper hand.


Keep going.

How's Juno gonna put 4 fleeces in the freezer?


It's lovely! keep knitting!!


Well, while you're trying to think of what to do with it, just keep on knitting. Eventually you'll reach a length where you have the perfect idea to match the length and you can cast off... Either that or you'll run out of yarn...


I recently had to toss an entire processed fleece that had been invaded by winged creatures and wiggly things. I laid it out in the sun for a few days, but it was too late. It was too chewed up to be useful. So good luck. May the Force be with you!


I'd really like to see the goofily babushka'd picture. Please? ;-)


heehee. Knitter's Herpes. Thanks for the funny post & good info on dealing with It, may I never have to...

Diane E.

Thanks for the reminder. I would hate to loose some of my stash to those little buggers*


I have resorted to keeping all my wool in those nifty new HUGE Ziploc storage bags OR space saver bags - even moths cannot live in an oxygen free enviroment - and if you squeeze out all the air and vacuum seal the bags - it seems to work great.

i'll have to look into the phermone traps though.


Ah the quarantine rules........sigh. God bless the full-size, free-standing freezer and 'The Rotation Schedule', ya know?

If only I could be as motivated and organized about the cleaning of the rest of the house....


Yeeee, Knitter's Herpes! A great way to say it- I was feeling a vague shame in telling people about my recent moth adventure, but now I know why: a knitty STD! Stitches Terribly Destroyed?

Haha! Thanks for your advice recently about moths, and thank the universe for hot cars and giant ziploc bags!!


That is a very interesting pattern! Where did you find it? How do you get that fun crinkle in your bands? I am just finishing a clapotis scarf, so I know about the diagonal thing. But I want to know how to do those waves!!

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