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Cuteness unsurpassed. I love the vapor trail concept. Sure beats exhaust. Coherent sentences, hahahahahaha. Love that. I wonder where I can kidnap me a baby alpaca from? They eat grass right?


You may say that I'm a dreamer, Baby Alpaca
But I'm not the only one.


Awwww - so cute!


I knew there was more to fleece magic than meets the eye.

The baby is beautiful.

Beth S.

Now I know you are a law-abiding citizen and all that, and you have children for whom a Good Example must be set, but there are times when fleecenapping is called for. And if the prospect of saving said feece from being turned into FELT isn't one of those times, then I don't know what is.



Dangit, It's evil people like you with these dangerously cute pictures that are going to drive me to buy a farm in middle-of-nowhere-new-england and move away from the city life. Between the alpacas and the shetlands, I think the only thing that has kept ODJ from becoming the green acres blog is the fact that no one would buy our house in it's current state. That and the knowledge that I'd never again be able to walk to the grocery store (or, for that matter, the mailbox) are the only things keeping me sane and citified.

You know we're never going to be able to 'visualize world peace' in the same way ever again, right?


With all the cuteness that surrounds me, you'd think I'd be immune to such photos. But no. I am so sucked into that amazingly precious baby! And that mom! I sooo know what she's feeling!


Awwww all alpacas are cute, but the babies, geez, and the fleece...don't get me started.


Oooooh... apricot alpaca. We had an apricot miniature poodle growing up so I know just the color you mean.


Send that last picture to Cute Overload. That is so cute its hurting me.


I saw "Baby News" and was half-expecting an announcement of a pregnancy.

But baby alpacas are cute, too. :)

Rachel H

i want one.




You just want to kiss that velvety little nose and upper lip- soooo cute!


Who can resist a baby alpaca? It's kind of fiber related, anyway.

Lee Ann

What Claudia said. It helps so much it hurts :-)


Holy smokes!!! I just want to sit with that baby on my lap.


Must stop petting screen, and making mewing sounds... it frightens the co-workers. I think you have a strong argument for world piece.


I've never seen a baby alpaca before... but it's possibly the cutest animal baby ever!

Alpaca Kath

World Peace is at hand (literally) now that you OWN some of that gray fleece. I couldn't weigh in about farmer Dave turning that fleece into hats, since I've been plotting, for months, to get my hands on that fleece and share it with you. I wanted to write, "hang on," but I didn't want to ruin the surprise. So, there you (now) have it. 3 babies born in the last 3 days. IT'S HEAVEN.


Awww!! So cute!!

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