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Sueno is just too cute in his nakedness.


Newly nekkid fiber kids are so cute!


I love his neck.


A dream, indeed!


I accuse a friend of ours who has quite literally a "herd" of llamas and alpacas that he lives on a Dr. Seuss farm.
Just yesterday evening, I met his girlfriend who apparently has as many or more alpacas than he and they were saying how exhausted they were as they're in the process of moving him out of his house and into hers and combining their herds and that they just sheared about 120 animals last week. She said she already had more processed alpaca fiber than she knows what to do with.
My ears perked up. Processed? As in, just cleaned or is it spun, too?
She answered that yes, it was spun.
What weight?
I went on to explain that I'm a knitter and that she was seeing me in a VERY rare moment where I was sitting on a couch WITHOUT any knitting in my hands.
She said she'd given up knitting for crochet because it's easier. She offered me some yarn. She asked what color I would like, explaining that she has 3 shades of brown, a white, black, grey, and what she likes to call "my heather" which is a mix of all the colors.
I said any would be fine, and how much does she sell it for?
Oh. Next time I'm up this way I'll just bring you some. You can have it.
FREE ALPACA YARN! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll believe it when I see it, and you can bet I'll be blogging about it.


Alpacas look so cute when they've been shorn! Did I tell you that Blogless Sharon is getting 2 alpacas? Yippee!


Look at the little skinny thing. Oddly raw, yet oddly graceful.


Oh! I am so envious of the hugging!


Ah yes...lovely new alpaca fleece. We spent a day shearing and didn't come home with anything:-(


Godd lord! He's so small! He could TOTALLY fit in the backyard!

Rachel H

He looks so little without all his hair.


So adorable. Watch out for the that Kellee. She isn't kidding. And I don't think she was talking about YOUR backyard.

Alpaca Kath

I never said I wasn't shearing... I mean sharing any of it... you'll just have to wait and see! It IS glorious. To think that just one year ago, this was all just a "dream" (Sueno in Spanish). Any of you contemplating such a move - go for it! They are the EASIEST animals to take care of. While the up-front cost can be a bit dear (buying babies is the most economical way to go), they are reasonable to adjist (special boarding term for alpacas) at the going rate of $3/day. Yup, that's right, no typo, THREE DOLLARS PER DAY. Anyone needing enabling, I'll be glad to help.


Wow what a difference! I'm knitting my first project with alpaca, love it. :)


Soooo cute!! Someday I am going to have a few alpaca's running around. They are such dear little animals.

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