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I'm excited. I think you're going to look extremely fly in that.
(I'm just saying "fly" because the children are home and it bugs them.)

Rachel H

wait - you fix those?


That is great progress, I'd say! And um, yeah, you're supposed to fix things like that? Sigh - I am just not meant to be a perfectionist knitter.

Beth S.

I'd do the same thing. Better to take the time (and the crochet hook) to fix it than to be annoyed by it forevermore.

That color is so juicy I can almost taste it.


Good thing we never shook on that one-week bet. I'd be out ten bucks.


That's the easiest fix on record - cotton and a crochet hook and stockinette? Pooh.

Now I will be struck by lightening.

It *does* make the floor look slim.


No, Juno, you will be struck by something you have to fix on the edge.

When she said crochet hook, I thought she was going to pull the errant strand to the back of the work. Nuh-uh.


The fix is relatively easy ,though admittedly a pain, providing you have enough yarn in the ladder to do so as cotton doesn't have the same elasticity as wool. I had to do it 3 times due to a dropped stitch on my u-neck shell I'm making out of "Stria" from Manos del Uruguay. I too use Laurie's little mantra (very loosely translated) that goes something like "admire your work frequently after each row or pay the consequences later with frogging/fixing". The Scoop is going to look wonderful on you!


You really have made great progress. This picture really shows the apricot color, it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished and show off that collarbone! :-)

The Purloined Letter

What a great sweater that will be! Gorgeous color.


I love that color - and such an easy fix - at least it wasn't a showstopper!


I love that color of ASC. It's the same one I was making my Olympic project out of ... the project that I never finished because the yarn got so splitty when I was trying to fix errors that I had to frog 2/3s of it and gave up in frustration.

Not saying that will happen to you, just that I understand the paranoia.

Lee Ann

For a brief moment, I thought you were intentionally making the Scoop a peekaboo sweater.

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