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Dog lovers got nothin' on you alpaca aficionados. Now I'm off to get ready for the dawn of a new day -- since world peace is coming (hopefully before work tomorrow) :-)


Leavemealone. That little gray baby is enough to make my stony little heart (ha) as soggy as my garden. I want a gray, a medium rose gray and a black. That's all. That's not too much to ask, I think. Can I use the basement instead of an alpaca shed?


Gray alpaca fleece....yum!! I am planning to come down and do a day of spinning with Kathy at the farm. I could easily be tempted into buying one of those sweet babies...


Those little bitty bald alpacas look like aliens. It's an engineering miracle that their skinny necks can hold their heads up without buttresses. So cool!


Hee. Laurie says she's immune to babies - but it turns out that's not true when it comes to alpaca babies.


Mildly ashamed! Oh poo; you should be damn proud of yourself.


Holy cute-mongering! Who could be immune to that level of adorableness beaming out of that one weetle baby-eye?!?!


Now, who could resist baby animals like that! Even the one that has had a "hair cut" of sorts!!


OMG sooooo cute!!! Have fun spinning!!!

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