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I so love ASC. My one and only knit with it was "Hope" - what a dream.....(ps - I'm a HUGE orange fan too!)


Awesome! You're going to love this sweater. It's simple and goes with a lot of things, so it's sure to become a favorite. I love mine and wear it all the time.

I was a little leary of the sleeves at first because they were a bit snug where my arms are their flappiest, but after wearing it for a bit, the cotton loosened up and it's just right. Yay for the Scoopie! Bonne Marie is the best.


TMW Cassie would too. I think that's it.


Yeah, hello? I know nobody thinks of me as a knitter, but yeah, orange.

Rachel H

I'd happily knit with orange. Just wouldn't wear it. (believe me when I tell you it's better that way)


I've had my eye on that design for a while myself. It would help if I was actually knitting these days though - add it to the pile of "to-be"s. Bummed to have missed a good spin night - looking forward to next month.


I should add to "nobody thinks of me as a knitter" -- "with good reason." Heh


I would totally knit an orange sweater. I am actually doing so - two of them. But I would not probably knit an orange COTTON sweater.

It it your fualt I ahve to go look at ChicKnits now. I've been not buying that pattern for a while.


I would knit with orange and have no problem with that. Orange is a great color. I've been debating if I should knit Scoop du Jour or Sitcom Chic. I've got a stash of Cotton-Ease, which has a similar gauge to ASC. Hmm, must keep considering.


p.s. it's very hilarious that you state you want the one bone you have to show will be framed by it. I'm actually getting more convinced although mine will be a stylish sweater to wear at work to keep off the cold air. :-)


A week? No problem - there's no lace, right? I think it is my life's work to knit ALL of Bonne Marie's patterns at least once. I gotta go check my stash.


Orange?! What kind of nutcase knits with orange??

I think you can get it done it a week. I'll bet you 10 bucks you can.


I'm trying to figure out if it's the clavicle. I'm too literal minded. Sorry.

10 days. Orange is fine for other people.

Catherine Harrison

Hey, I like orange. I'm making an Icarus Shawl with a buternut squash colored Merino.


If you ever want to part with any of your Magpie, just let me know. As if. Seriously, let me know. Need More Magpie! Mmmmmmm Magpie, Magpie, Magpie!

Siri I'm reading along and I notice ASC and I think, "Oh! Maybe whatever SHE'S knitting is what I can make with that bag of it I bought awhile back off someone and has been languishing in the stash unused since then."
...and then I read, and see ORANGE, and the light goes on: "Oh, of course! I bought the bag of it off of YOU when you were reducing your stash!" Duh. You know, I just couldn't resist snatching it up before anybody else (Claudia) did. Is that really the same Copper color you're using, or a lighter, peachy color?
If yours turns out so incredibly wonderfully well, which of course it will, would it be just awful to copy you so exactly??? I promise I'd never ever wear it to a fiber fest. On the other hand, we could be like school girls and plan to wear the same outfit. Nah. Scratch that.
By the way, I already have another orange cardigan deep in the limbo of the WIP pile, and it's Rowan yarn too, Rowanspun DK, discontinued, and deeply discounted so I bought it up before it was gone, too.
It's a terrible disease, this yarn thing.


That pattern is sitting on my desk waiting for the perfect yarn.....Hmmmmm ;-)



Your scoop is off to a great start!


I'm not a fan of orange, but I actually really like that shade. Sheesh, now I'm going to have to break down and buy that pattern too. Just seeing the small amount you have already done makes me want to knit it. I'm hopeless.


You know...I feel like I'm ALWAYS late to the party. Now do I have to go see what the big deal is about ASC? (See how quickly I pick up the lingo?)


Here is another almost finished Scoop: and between the two of you you make me long for one of my own when before that was one Chicknit pattern I did not feel I needed.

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