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I love the poem, and I hope writing it made you a little happier, but what a sad story!

Beth S.

I'm so sorry, I can't help chuckling... sounds exactly like something I would do. I hope they turn up soon! Highland Triangle is a great shawl and you deserve one.


Oh crud. I hate that. You'll find it eventually.
Fantastic poem though. :)


What fun! I hope you find the missing yarn. So far my stash hasn't outgrown its chest of drawers and two closet bins--but then again, most of it was acquired within the last two years.


well turning depair into poetry is a long tradition throuthout the ages.... hope you find the dratted skeins


Darn, those skeins that hide,
it seems too hard to abide.
Fiber has a way
of oft going astray.
May it find a way to come back,
and live in your knitting pack.


Oh dear. If that skein should ever roam, box it's ears and send it home.


Ah. The Poet Laureate of the Knit Blog world!


Oh, no
Say it isn't so!
I've got none to spare
And you have no shawl to wear.


You really are a crazy. A total crazy. So, does this mean that fiber's all spun up?


The worst of it is that you'll probably find it somewhere you've already looked. More than once. That's what usually happens to me !
It's beautiful yarn,so well worth turning the wool piles upside down for.


The only way I survive thing like this is to have my craft room. Only place the yarn goes, period.

Lee Ann

Yep, check the places you've already looked. Otherwise, dude, I'd say you're cooked.
(However, you know, if it were me, they'd be nicely tucked where they're supposed to be, but I don't trust my own damned sense. No wonder f*ing housekey searches are so intense....


Beautiful! KEEP LOOKING! Damn elves.


I don't suppose the evil moths are to blame?


Well, when I finally give up looking for something, I end up finding it while looking for something else. Good luck!


Damned yarn...but, er...what's the story with that artwork underneath? Do I detect a budding young artist's work?

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