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I love the colour of that. Very pretty!

Rachel H

focus schmocus. when're you gonna start the Mrs. B's?


Oh that IS lovely! Yes on the Ms. Beetons. After all, how long could they take? They're tiny and fall will be here before you know it...


Yes! You must have the Mrs Beatons! Focus be damned, they'd be perfect.


It's very pretty - and I love the color for you!

Beth S.

Agree with Carole--that's an excellent color choice. And I am sorry, but now that you mention it, you DO need the Mrs. Beetons to round out the set. (BTW, I noticed a biography of Mrs. Beeton in the bookstore the other day. Very nearly picked it up.)


So ruffly. I've been having KSH lust.


You totally need the Mrs. Beetons. After all, you must have some KSH left? Economy and frugality.


So lovely! Your Mrs. Bs must match the flowers since they go so perfectly with Trinket as she is now.


How beautiful, I just love all the detailing and lovely old-fashioned look!


I love that look. Girly and wonderful (and I don't usually go for girly, but I happen to be working on a girly scarf myself at the moment....AND I just happen to have two skeins of KSH...)

You've harvested peas already? Mine are pathetic. If I'm lucky, I'll have enough for a garnish one evening in mid-July. And they'll probably be bitter.


The wonder of Crack silk haze. I hate ruffles, and I love that. Love it.


Oh come on. Ya totally need the Mrs. Beetons.

Lovely schmata.


That's very pretty. I love the ruffles. A pair of Mrs. Bs will take minutes to knit up. I say just do it !



The color is goregous. Right up my alley.


How pretty and sweepy and fun! I've always wanted to knit a ruffly scarf like that. It's just so EDWARDIAN.

I know how you feel, this is exactly how I knit too. I have such a huge list of things I want to knit, but I just HAVE to tell myself that I can't have more than 3 things on the needles!

Lee Ann

I'm not a ruffly girl, but I'm somehow swayed by that lovley thing...

God, I'm weak.

Amy Lu

Wow, I love Trinket! You absolutely must make Mrs. Beatons. It'd be wrong not to! Focus, sure, focus on Kid Silk Haze! :o)


That is one lovely scarf-ruffles, beads and all. Quick cast on the wrist warmers- they'll be done before you know it.


Oh, that scarf is fabulous!


That turned out lovely. (Nice honeysuckle in back.)


pretty, pretty, pretty.


That would look great with a pair of Ms Beeton's!!!



Debi girly and soft!

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