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The Dunkin' Donuts Socks are (to use the vernacular of my Boston-raised husband)wicked awesome. I love them!


The DD socks are fantastic! Congratulations on finally finishing them!


De-lurking to say that I absolutely care deeply about those socks. There is something spectacular in an orange and pink, and argyle can only make it better.
Don't you dare think I'm being sarcastic. I love them.


I had a moment where I thought I'd open this post and actuallt see argyles with donut shapes in between where the skulls sit. Perhaps next time?

The sunrise circle jacket is an excellent project to cast on. Don't worry about the trouble you're getting into!


Very nice! I too am waiting with bated breath for the moth shawl, I think that is what my webs-purchased KSH is meant to be.....


Wait, you're saying you knit those argyle socks flat? Why?? E-mail me and tell me why. And e-mail me the chart too. Now! Hop to it!


Nifty socks!


Forget wicked awesome, those are wicked PISSAH. Seriously. Love the Dunkin' Donuts argyles.


Wow, I love how those turned out. They look great. You could almost convince me to knit them, almost. Love the Donegal Tweed too. Gorgeous stuff. Don't make me look at another lace pattern, fer cryin' out loud! The lace bug has hit in a big way. I need help!!!


Ooh, I just looked at the Wings of the Moth shawl, that is absolutely goregeous. I definitely would like that pattern. Just loverly!

Beth S.

Oh, Julia, I LOVE them. I don't care at all that they have no pirates on them. They're perfectly lovely in their own right! I am going to have to overcome my intarsiaphobia one of these days and make a pair.

Are you the first to break into your Webs haul? I think you might be!


OK, I love those socks. Love them. WANT to knit them, even. There. I said it. AND they're probably going to come before the mittens, damn you.

Oh, and? What Cheryl said.


Dunkin' Donuts - something I truely truely miss about New England!


They look fabulous! And, awfully familiar for some reason.... (grin)


so fun. so colorful. lovely.


One off two on sounds good to me. The socks came out great. I will aspire.


I totally care deeply about socks. *grin* Plus, have you seen this:


Sock wars!


now THOSE socks rock>


Love, love, love those socks! Very nice job!




I sooo want to knit me a sunrise circle jacket too... Oh for the perfect yarn at a perfect price (and finding enough me time to dedicate to the task..)
I'm loving your argyles still- may have to try some for myself seeing as my man doesn't find them as appealing as I do.


Gorgeous socks. I have a couple of questions about some of the mechanics around the heel and gusset area.

When you start the heel flap, do you keep all the stitches you had on the back half of the leg? If so, does this cause a little pucker at the bottom of the seam, where it joins the heel flap? It seems to me that it would, since two of those stitches would be tucking into the mattress-stitched seam, but none of the resources I've looked at mentioned something like, say, binding off or decreasing away one stitch at each edge before bringing the two pieces together to form the heel flap. What do you do there?

Also, do you add a selvedge stitch on the instep and the gusset pieces? Again, it seems like slight puckering would ensue if one didn't, but none of the resources I've seen mention it. If you add a selvedge stitch, do you get it by increasing, or cast on an extra at each edge?

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