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I'm only on the 9th repeat. It looks gorgeous! Don't knit so fast your hands fall off.


Dammit. There go my hopes for 3rd. 4th, here I come (unless Beth beats me too...)

Rachel H

Good thing you weren't (technically) racing then, wasn't it? *grin*

Beth S.

Yeah, you're leaving me in the proverbial dust. (Sigh...)


The color sounds fabulous. I hope I get to see it in person very soon.


(can you hear me making all the sounds of "ahem" while i gaze upon your shawl??) god that's nice! please, please pleaaseeese make some nice pictures at the first opportunity! and maybe bring it to rhinebeck, eh?


47,000 stitches....gulp.


Ah yes, and many things fall to the wayside in the service of true obsession. I'm impressed with your progress.


I'd say something about your amazing progress but my head keeps stopping at "47,000".


You're very clever to match hobby #1 to hobby #2 like that...more 'wine-colored' items = better camouflage.


mmmm so pretty. If I hadn't come home sick (and still feeling that way) everyone would know about the Horrible Problem discovered yesterday. It's not that horrible but it is kind of sad that I made myself actually sleep instead of knitting this afternoon. (Only did I really have a choice? I probably would've fallen asleep sitting up and lost 100 stitches or some such nonsense.)

But again, SO PRETTY, and inspiring me to carry on!

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