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And what's wrong with NJ?

I bet on Anne - designer, figured she had the edge. But now, I'm thinking that might have been a mistake.

Looks terrific.


Oh! Shreddies! There's really no equivalent in the States. Good, good, whole wheat Shreddies. Yum!

Lisa Dusseault

Mmm, Shreddies! I visited my sister and family in Toronto over my birthday this summer, and they had a TOWER of Shreddies boxes waiting in the guest bedroom for me. I could only take two home with me, but mmm.

Closest taste equivalent I can find in California is Flax Plus. Wierd.




wow, it's nice to have friends visit! it's been a while since WE had any here. you think the fact that this place is under constant construction is a problem?

anyhoo, moth lookin' good baby! it's a good-sized shawl, which means that you COULD make it in your skacel merino if you had a hankering to—just use smaller needles . . .


Hmph. I'm only into the 6th or 7th repeat!!! And mine is still tiny. But I'm using similar yarn, isn't that an advantage somehow?


I can't wait to get to the next chart. I'm getting a little fir-coned out.


hmmm next time i'm in canada i'll have to give the shreddies a try.

Beth S.

Kate... doesn't spin? Really?

I'm glad you fixed that.


Great day. Great Spindicate infection rate, too.


omg you can't get Shreddies in the US? That's just sad. The things you learn by reading knit blogs. And to think all these years I just took Shreddies for granted!


the shawl is coming are SO brave, taking it off the needles!


My partner used to eat nothing but Shreddies for breakfast, every day. When we went camping in the States every summer he would have to bring along enough boxes to get him through the whole two weeks. Because running out of Shreddies two days before the end of your trip would be a disaster of leaving-vacation-early proportions.

Lee Ann

How embarraskin...I was supposed to get a box of those to you in the post, and never quite made it...

Ah, well, you're good to go for at least a week before I need to get off my ass and send another box, right? :-}

Kate refused to let me take my hitchhiker to her house because she would have to spin on it.

Ha. Hahahahahahahaha. And Indigo Moon in the luggage...dude, this is why you are part of the Spindicate and I am merely a highly influenceable link in the chain. Excellent work :-)


Whee the shawl is looking lovely!


Sounds like a nice visit indeed. And great job scoring another convert to the spinning. I'm still behind you on the shawl - yours is lookin' good!


Ok, I'll bite, what's a shoe bag?


That sounds like such a fun visit. Glad you took her to Doyle's, too.


I grew up in Toronto and until recently, on visits to Canada I used to bring back ketchup chips, Coffee Crisps for my brother, Smarties, and Aero bars for a friend.

Rachel H

My first sit at a wheel was in the middle of a bunch of old(er) guys at a WoodTurners Guild meeting who could care less about the product, just kept asking the builder about the construction. Definitely interesting.

Paula from the East Coast

You can take the girl out of the Maritimes however you can't take the Maritimes out of the girl. August this year has been... so very August, it has been lovely.


Mmmmmm.....cheese fries.

I never wanted to let anyone play with my stuff either, and anything that I could see was, of course, mine. I'd like to think I'm better about that these days.

But I won't swear to it.

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