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oh fsm, my yarn was just mailed yesterday! i bought that teeshirt for my son this summer ;-)


i like the t-shirt -- i need to find me one.

also -- i just read the rules for the sock wars. oh my god!

good luck with the wing of the moth.


This is insanity at best. I never bring knitting to work, and yet, here I am at my desk, avoiding a nice lunch out with co-workers, eating on the fly and knitting like a lunatic (and keeping an eye on the competition, obviously)

(a different) Beth

Yeah, but Beth has other knitting planned too. No offense, but I put my (virtual) money on Erin. Now watch Carole end up the late-starting spoiler.

BTW, thanks to you, I'm seeing argyle all over the place. Did you notice Logan's wardrobe during season 2 of Veronica Mars?

Beth S.

You may be the frontrunner, but I'm breathing down yer neck, grrrrl! ;-)


I'll definitely be the last to start. But will I be the last to finish? mwahahahahaha


Lunatics, all of you.


Thankfully I was talked down off the ledge last night after I got home from work at about 9:30pm all in a tither b/c I'd had to work late. Friends don't let friends cast on in anger, right?

So instead, my money's on you, chiquita. See the pom poms?


I'm routing for you girlie! Great t-shirt btw.


I just adore the saying on that t-shirt. I saw it on a bumper sticker and wanted to adopt it as my motto. Hee.

Well, best of luck to youse sado-masochists on that lace race.


I put my bet on you. And cheered on the others. :) Go, you!


Just remember--you're the one who started this! (grin)


Uh oh. I may have to change my bet.

I worked with a surgeon I haven't seen in a while yesterday. He peppered me with pirate jokes all day. ALL DAY. How much does it cost a pirate to pierce his ears? A buccaneer. How much does his hook and his peg leg cost? An arm and a leg. How do you know if you are a pirate? You don't, you just arrrrrrrrgh. Why couldn't the young pirate go see the latest movie? It was arrrrrrrgh rated. Why? Because of all the booty.

I couldn't WAIT to wake up the patient and FLEE.


Competitive knitting ... that sounds like the punch line to a joke.


I've pulled up my chair and have popcorn, nachos, and some darn tasty margaritas to share with the other rubberneckers!

You guys are hilarious! (Not to mention extremely talented!!!)


Our Halloween theme around the office is going to be haunted pirate ship. I better get busy on those socks....

Sock Wars is about all I can handle, competitively. A Lace Race seems more brutal!

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