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You rock!! You really do!

(so now if I sneak into your house at night and break your hands in your sleep to slow you down, I'll actually be doing a good thing! For charity! Right?)

Beth S.

That is a VERY intriguing pair of photos! One might even say "intimidating". Eek!

I'll do my best to make you cough up the big bucks. Knitting for charity certainly does give the race a little gravitas...


Cheryl is starting to scare me - hand-breaking? house sneaking? I love your idea - a good cause and more motivation for the race.


OH MAN. I don't think I can resist this. Friday night, eh? Only I really don't think I can finish before you. HM. Tell you what. I'll participate and if I don't beat you, I will donate the $25 to one of *my* favorite charities, Plymouth Housing Group or Seattle Children's Home. I don't know which yet. If I don't beat you, you can choose.

Wait, this is not making a drop of sense you know. Oh well. I totally need a big shawl anyway.


Wow, good for you! Generous. Good luck on the race!


I'm voting for you, so keep up the good work, okay? I don't have any yarn (or yarn $$) so I can't take you up on your offer to join in...

I'm de-lurking here too, I was stalking your argyle progress, I totally started a pair. But the colors didn't look good together, so now I have a really fancy washcloth or something.


Thanks for bringing such a wonderful charity to our attention. There is no way that I can add the (gorgeous) shawl to my already insane queue, but I can donte $25 myself. How's that?


Wow, what a great charity and a wonderful way to give. You sincerely rock.


That's a great idea! Am I in the race if I haven't started yet?


You don't want me to finish the book. Do you?


Wow -- a win-win situation. You rock!


in pirate-speak: yer on, matey!


You are wonderful. Now, about the race... I can't quite grasp if it has started. not everyone has their yarn.. are there handicaps? Go guys!!

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