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Ooooh, that is so pretty! You're really knitting it fast.


You've made quick progress!


You're all just drawn to the light... fun to watch, but be careful. ; )


You bitch. I hate you so much right now. That yarn is knitting up into a shawl so beautiful I'm green with envy.


I wasn't racing either. Damn Cheryl. You're all going to beat me anyway.


Its beautiful!!! What a color. I think Vicki's metaphor of being drawn to the light is perfect. Hopefully we won't all end up sizzled to a crisp on the ground.

Beth S.

You'll take the prize for color choice, that's for sure. That is phenomenally lovely. And it'll go with everything! (Except maybe the donut argyles. ;-)


Gorgeously lacy and fuzzy!


I love how it's working up. The color you chose is amazing too. So happy you had something in the stash that is just right for it too! I think I have to have this pattern, but I can't do mohair. Oh, I did finish a Bonne Marie creation, but no Scoop for me just yet.


You've inspired Cheryl to actual abuse. I am impressed....

As for you people free to begin new projects, projects that fill me with desire and lust, well, you can all go jump in the lake.

It is lovely.


Oh, wow. The yarn was pretty in just the hank, but it is GORGEOUS in the shawl pattern! Wow!


That is so gorgeous!! What a perfect colour. I want one now!!


You guys crack me up! Beth is burning along with hers.

Color looks great knitted up.


Damn it all to hell.

First the damned argyle socks and now this. I wonder if Elisa will notice if totally blow off our little two-person Icarus-along and, shameless project-whore that I am, instead throw down into this vicious shawl fray?

Because I DO I have the sea silk after all.


Too cute. Shall I start printing T-shirts that say "Team Farwell-Clay"? xox, OJ


You are like lightin' fast! Smokin'! Looks dreamy!


aw, that's pretty!


You're flying!


You're flying!


mmm i had to come bck and look again. if beth's is liquer, then yours is cognac (i could make a case for good scotch too) . . .


Way too competetive for my blood! Cheryl tried to dare me into joining you guys; seeing her comment to you, I'm sort of glad I didn't:) Good luck on the race!


I love those argyle socks, fun in everyway. I'm heading over to Anne's to see this pattern. It sure is looking good to me, and I love the name. I didn't realize you were THAT competitieve. Are you sleeping?


Oh, it's so gorgeous and going so quickly!

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