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I think the folks at Webs were *pretty* happy to see that van full of yarn -- but it's not FULL, they thought. sigh. good work, people.


that's quite the haul.


Oooh, what a fun day! We went to college out there, and a trip to the area is NEVER complete without some Bueno, and some Bueno to take home for the next day. Next time Salvadoran Burrito. You won't be dissapointed!


Yes, yes, and YES! Your Mister deserves .... an Aran sweater? *snicker*


Sounds like such fun!


Awww, Bueno has fish tacos now? *pout* They didn't when I was in school at UMass... Or maybe we just never looked for them.


What a day!! and what a guy!


What a fantastic day !

The Feminist Mafia

Oh, I'm so jealous! I went to school in the Valley too and try to visit whenever possible. So jealous.


Hooray for mister! So deserves the scarf. Mine does too, as he was STILL busy wrangling too-over-tired-to-sleep preschooler to bed when I walked in, but I didn't buy shit for him :-0


Great haul! I am sooo jealous *sigh* Glad you all had a super time.


Doesn't get much better than that.
Except maybe for Rhinebeck!
I finished my sunrise circle jacket in May but then the warm weather came, and I haven't even blogged about it yet. A word of warning--almost everyone's sleeves come out too long! I'll be shortening mine soon.


I WILL get to Webs one day, I will. *sigh*


There are no words for the bitter, bitter, bitter envy.


I can't wait for that Sunrise Circle Jacket. It will be a work of art.

Beth S.

I still haven't quite come down from my cloud yet. ;-) If six friends in a van can be this much fun, I can hardly imagine what Rhinebeck must be like!


That sample sweater/swatch thing did all the selling, I swear. All that needed to be done was the passing around.

The fabric store thing, though? Zowie. The heart races just thinking about it.

Thanks for doing all the driving. We so owe you one.


And he didn't make any fuss about the huge influx of yarn??? Wow, he does deserve the scarf lol.

Man, all that yarn!!! *sighs whistfully* Lucky thing!


Is the scarf on the needles yet? :-) Sounds like a fab day!! I think that I may be the only Webs virgin left.


Sounds like a great time! I have some of the Angora Soft I got there at the tent sale. Love it!!!!


Envious! For the good deals, the great yarn but most of all for the laughter and fun with grrlfriends. Lucky you!


I loved making the sunrise circle jacket and how it turned out. Hope you do, too. I'm looking forward to seeing yours. (Mine's made with Tahki Cotton Classic.)


I'm green with envy! Thanks for sharing your fibery adventures. It was *almost* like being there.




can you clone your husband?

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