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Holy video! (And I'm sure that the geek siren is already sounding -- I was not familiar with Camille until watching the video -- I thought at first that it might be a "Gap" ad for France/French speaking countries.) Sound the alarm.


I've heard her songs before but not seen the video for that song. AWESOME! I really like her -- she reminds me of Bjork in some ways. I think the sense of vocal play that really comes through.

Beth S.

Sweaters are the marathon of knitting, and socks are the hundred-yard dash (except argyles; they're a special case.)

Keep on truckin'... you can do it. If it helps, imagine stealing the sweater on one of those crisp autumn mornings when you have to run the kidlet to school. You've got hot coffee, and something great on the radio, and the leaves are a riot of reds and oranges, and you've got this fantastic warm sweater on. See, that's motivational, right? ;-)


I can too tell: there's another whole repeat of the rope cable. Admittedly, I had to examine both pictures fairly closely, but at least it's not like stockinette or seed st where you knit for 15 hours and measure only an inch of progress, and the thing just sits there smirking at you.

That video is amazing, even with the sound off. (I'm at work. I'll get the full benefit of it later.)


It's a perfect sweater for Rhinebeck...No?


Ah, I feel your pain. I started another (smaller) shawl but picked up a sweater-for-hire with this Idea that it would be Good to knit a sweater, feel good, sewing at the end, etc., but I can't.put.down.the.shawl. And I'm almost done, how can I stop now?


thanks for the video, that did improve my day considerably!

Julia - the other one!

I think that there is a point in any complex knit where it doesn't seem to grow at all, despite hours of work. BUT once you break through that wall, you'll see progress. You're almost there. You may need a little knitting break anyway after the shawl marathon/sprint!


i say start the sockā€”of course i have what, 15 or so projects going at once?? oh life is too short to be restrained!


I somehow fail to see starting a sock as "cheating" but if monogamy is your goal, then I guess you're right. I personally can't stick to just one project, due to subway knitting requirements. (But I'm still trying to work on the sweater as much as possible, inspired by you.)


omg, i know exactly how you are feeling. marina is getting on my nerves. although it's cables singng their siren song to me, not socks.

Cindy D

Neat video! I posted a neat 3D video on my September 7th blog entry that was fun to view as well!

Love Irish 's on my list of to do's.


The whole monogamy thing is a bit difficult for me, but I admire your stick-to-itness. Keep at it!


I see progress. Really.

Love the clematis with morning glory. (When I was a kid I always used to call them morning gories.)


I gave into that tonsil itching....

Irish Moss is wonderful!


I knew the Battlestar Galactica would get ya.


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one eagerly anticipating the new season of Battlestar! This long break is killing me!

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