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Valerie in San Diego

Ahh... excellent excuse for Casting On Yet Again syndrome..


I move my lips when I count, too. I bet you started whispering just so people will know you're counting and not interrupt you.

I sat on a committee once with someone who moved her lips as you were speaking. Like you'd say "I like your car" and she'd move her lips to form the words "I like your car." At the time, it freaked me out. Now, I wonder if she was lip-reading.


I do the counting thing, too. Mostly it's to let my husband know to leave me the heck alone until I've counted the same stitches 3 times. I start by whispering to myself, and then when he starts talking, I count out loud and put a "not right now" look on my face without looking up from the stitches. And still I have to count again.


I do that, too -- nice to not be alone. The count is always off if I don't "say" the numbers. Had a bit of a panic attack the other day when I realized I had no appropriate meeting knitting and I had to use perfectly good lace chart knitting time to get the mindless WIPs past the thinking part and back to the mindless. Oh, the trials and tribulations!


Oh, do I know that too-hard-for-meeting knitting. And have solved the problem the same way, of course.


I've had this happen. It was horrible. I don't want to think about it anymore....


oh those rruffly sox are hot!


The only thing worse is being in a mindless meeting or training session and NOT being allowed to knit...

Beth S.

I have no memory of that ruffle-topped sock. Knitting blackout? ;-)


Oh, I DO agree with Monica! It's funny how those times with no suitable knitting kinda sneak up on you. I open my bag/cabinet/drawer with only enough time to shove the project into the bag I am taking to the meeting and then realize it's useless...I can't make it work without looking like I am totally uninterested in what is going on around me in the meeting.


More casting on. Always the answer to such an unspeakable problem!

Crying in Arizona

Want horror? My hard drive crashed. Backup was corrupted. I have lost almost all of my work files, but even worse, I lost my knitting files. Patterns, charts, pictures (including bad argyle sweater shots), you name it I lost it. The only positive thing is that I am too overwhelmed to try to redo anything so I am working on stuff that's already on needles.


Oh, Lordy, I feel your pain. I attended Eldest's open house last night, and made the rookie error of sitting RIGHT UNDER THE TEACHER'S NOSE in more than one class (you'd think I would have figured it out after Social Studies, but sometimes I'm slow on the uptake). I kept my knitting in my purse and had to content myself with dropping one hand down to fondle the yarn while maintaining constant eye contact and trying to look interested.

A ploy no 7th grade science teacher has ever seen before, I'm sure.


You poor thing! There's nothing like being forced into perfect knitting situations with OUT knitting. It's honestly a very bizarre style of torture for us knitters!


*Groan* How awful it must have been for you! I simply can't imagine just having to sit there. Did you burst into song? Start a life-sized doodle of yourself?


I count out loud. Sometimes you just have to, otherwise you don't remember what you just said (in your head). I almost always have to count again anyway. : )

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