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It is going to be fine. You can do it!!!!!!!

Oh but it's terrible.

But you can do it!


Big gasp. Total faith in your fix.

Teresa C

I can't wait to read that, like most of these things go, the actual fixing was much less a monster than you have built up in your mind. You'll be wearing Birch again in no time. As it should be.


My Birch has gotten any number of holes in it, unfortunately. (Those long corners keep catching on things, and you can really only expect so much out of lace-weight yarn in terms of strength for this kind of thing.) I've just threaded some extra yarn through the neighbors to secure it from spreading, and frankly, even I have to really look to find the holes. (Yes, sorry, I got lazy about fixing this one. I worked harder the first time it got a hole, but after the third? Well . . . it IS lace. It's supposed to be holey!)




Oh no! I have faith the fix will be quick and easy!


Oh sister, I feel your pain. Behold my Branching Out in fiddly mohair. Behold the leaf pattern in the entirely wrong place.

It has also been stuffed (gently) into a bag. Perhaps I'll be inspired by your astounding success with this! You're not just fixing your Birch for you, you're doing it for The People. Hazzah! Good luck and Godspeed.


I guess this is where the mohair becomes a blessing.

I was wearing my Birch in the car, and when I went to reposition it I had to tug a little and thought I heard a rip. I still haven't found a hole, but with all the fuzziness and the way the stuff clings together, I may not find it for awhile if there is one.

Just remember to breathe, right?


Yup, it's on the list. But you nailed the issue of that thin Kid Silk Haze and all the bloggy horror stories about tinking back in mohair. Somehow it keeps moving down the list instead of up.
Good luck!


Be brave, be bold, be fearless.


Oh no! How horrible. :-( I hope, hope, hope that you can fix it. Gads. Don't even know how to go about attempting something that delicate. Fingers crossed.

laura b

How scary! I know I would cry if that happened to my Birch... can't wait to see how you fix it!


Oh, no, that looks awful! Not that it can't be fixed, but it's awful to have to fix it. Darn ficus! I'm sure you'll get it done with no problems.


oh, it's such a pretty color—it's worth saving so you can wear it!


Holee molee, sad tale indeed but I'm sure you can conquer it!


I love KidSilk Haze. It's magical fluff. It's easier to tink if you put it in the freezer for a while before you attempt it.
A little fudging & no one will see the repair,and you'll be floating around in a cloud of silk and haze.




good luck!

Lee Ann

That's gotta hurt.

On the bright side, at least plastic ficus trees don't propagate in your stash, unlike some other hole-causing bringers of disaster we know.


Isn't it just like grafting, only in pattern, and more ends to weave in? *sigh* So I shouldn't say, "Glad it's not me"? Yet.


You can totally do it. I have faith.


Good luck with the fix! I'm looking forward to learning how you handle it. After all, it needs to be worn, so, even if you have to do some surgery on it....It'll be worth your time.

Francesca (Stuntmother)

Can she do it? YES SHE CAN! I have faith and whiskey (which work together to magically repair Birches).

Rachel H



I discovered a similar situation with a shawl I've knit (not Birch). My trusty LYS guy performed his ER magic on it, and I can't tell where the hole was. I'm betting you'll have excellent results to report soon.


I would be totally lost with a fix of that type. You, on the other hand, have way better skills than I and I know you can do it. Good luck!

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