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Silky wool is such a soft yarn, it always surprises me when it shows texture so well. Your work looks Lovely! I keep intending to make that sweater someday, will have to remember this yarn choice. Did you make any mods to the patterN?


That is going to be a thing of beauty- gorgeous stitch patterns are emerging already.

denny  Mcmillan

Go knit like the wind, fly without a net, take chances, no cable needles, no stitch markers. You can bake pie without a recipe.You can learn a to play music by heart.

KNIT BY HEART. It's good for the soul, good for the brain. Great for our egos.

But be humble too, or little knitting gnomes will come and kick your cleaver butt. Just say'n


Yay for back to school! Thank goodness.


I prefer to skip the cable needle too. But I always have trouble figuring out if I'm doing a left or right cable!


It's really looking lovely Julia. I think your hubby will be quite pleased with his sweater. It's funny, I've been working feverishly this weekend to try and wrap up some of these summer knits. I'm ready to tuck in to my bf's sweater and finish up the sleeves and then assemble it for him. I was "given" a year to finish it(by December of this year) and I only have the sleeves to do and then the neck, but it's easy. I'm ready to go ahead and finish it for him and work on more sweaters for the fall. I've found too that if I concentrate on one project, you can really make good headway.


Can't wait to see more pics of the sweater. I am a combination knitter too, and I was wondering how you do Ktogs. I've never quite figured out how to do them without moving the stitches over to the right needle, arranging them back to their normal position. Back the the left needle and then doing it like normal. It's a lot of steps I would like to avoid if possible.

I'll also be trying the cable needle this way. Its a great idea.


That was my big Knitting Olympics epiphany - that I can knit fast if I only knit one thing.


I love when the weather starts to cool off and I can get back to my "real" knitting projects. The sweater looks great. Can't wait to see pictures of it all done.


It's looking wonderful so far! Very inspiring to those of us still teetering on the edge of being brave enough not to use a cable needle. :) (It's the stitches hanging in midair that makes my heart stop and my hand snatch up the cable needle everytime...)

Beth S.

Irish Moss returns! Let the trumpets sound--it's sweater season! :-)

Now, just because you can knit a sweater in ten days doesn't necessarily mean that you should! (Unless you really enjoy working at that pace, that is. I don't--I know that now, post-Moth.)


Very nice .... I wish my Mister would let me knit something like that for him ("ack!! too fancy!!"). He's boring.


Lovely texture to the Aran in silky wool. Haven't found a project that has cables that I want to frog, for practice yet. It'll happen, as most who have converted say it is faster.

Knitting has started to seem like a good idea recently.


I wish you a positively grand back-to-school.


oh, that is handsome—i love me some cables. gotta dig out my two unfinished sweaters, now that it has cooled down a bit . . .


yummy combination :-)


I've been gone over Labor Day and returned to see the lovely Moth pics. Wow! That silky wool will just fly by! I am not brave enough to swing with out the cable (needle, that is). Happy knitting!


That sweater is going to be gorgeous! I have a few balls of silky wool that was gifted to me and I think, maybe an aran scarf would do it yarn justice after seeing your sweater.

Hope to see you this weekend!


Hooray for no cable needles!!!


I just finished an allover cabled shell without a cable needle, what an epiphany! The sweater is gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished!


I'd love to make something in that Silky Wool, it sounds so nice! The sweater is coming along nicely :0)


It looks stunning, however you're doing it. It was great to see you.


I knit my husband a cabled sweater in Silky Wool (Hjalte from Knitters' last year sometime). It came out gorgeous but WARNING WARNING WARNING it grew a fair amount in the first washing. I havn't yet had the heart to attempt throwing it in the dryer for a bit of planned shrinking. Oh, and by the way... Cable needle? We don't need no STEENKIN' cable needle! :-)


Hi Julia,
We met on Saturday at the alpaca farm. Julie gave me your blog address. I think the sweater is beautiful. Nice meeting you!

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