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Can't wait to hear! And if HE won't wear it, feel free to send it my way. :)
It's beautiful!


I'm sure you can do it! It's good to have a challenge, right? (grin)

Really, it looks fabulous.


I'm picturing a very open, almost ballet neck. What about one of those fabulous double roll starmore necks - most of them are pretty wide.


I think it looks marvelous and I have such confidence in your knitting abilities that I know you will come up with a wearable (non-strangling) neck. Good luck!


This looks wonderful! I'm very glad to hear I'm not the only one with a husband gifted with a touch of the dramatic. :0)


That is true, dedicated love on your part and a fine sense of confidence in your abilities on his part. A marriage made in (moth) heaven!

kathy in juneau

Great post! The sweater looks like a beauty so far. I'm anxiously awaiting a conclusion to your tale. (And also sending good thoughts for a positive outcome.)


It's a really spectacular sweater!


Perhaps he`s having a foreshadowing, as in you`ll strangle him if you have to reknit that sweater too many times?


What spinningfishwife said. There is strangling involved with this sweater; he's just having a premonition, not a flashback.


perhaps a v-neck? or buttons across one of the shoulders?

what is with these men who won't wear the sweaters that we make for them?


He'd better believe in some kind of afterlife, because if I'd spent that much time on such a piece for such a large man and he decided not to wear it, he certainly wouldn't be existing on this plane much longer. Hope you can figure it out - for both your sakes.


Wow, I thought I'd made up the term apatheist - glad to know there's another out there.
I had the same issue for my husband's sweater - gave it a mock turtleneck, but with a zipper. He does actually wear it!


I wish you complete success!


Apatheist!! I love it! Did you make that up?! It's as good as Analrapist!

You're the most clever woman I know.


That is a remarkable sweater. Wow. I have every confidence that you'll work out the neckline issue. As to apatheism, sign me up! A brilliant coinage, indeed.


Gorgeous sweater. Maybe an ever-so-slight V neck?


It is so hard to predict their idiosyncracies. I totally understand the metaphoric expression in relation to the Mr.


Good luck in finding the right neckline and size. You are persistent!


If he doesn't wear it, then I think his fear of stranglation will be realized :-)


Kathy got it right. What a gorgeous sweater. Good luck. (I have to tell Grant about apatheist.)


Um, I'm confused about how apatheist is "as good as analrapist," which to me isn't really funny, unless you put Jerry Falwell in the sentence.

The sweater, though, is wonderful. I can answer only the last question: Yes, there is life after Irish Moss (not that I'd personally know).


I know you can do it! Hopefully there's a neckline that can work with the pattern and that the mister will actually wear. Yikes, what a predicament!


well it loks gorgeous from where I stand. And you could always wear it yourself if he feels "strangled"

julia fc

A word of explanation for Cheryl's comment:
analrapist is an Arrested Development reference to when Tobias described himself as one, as in, a combination of analyst aand therapist: an analrapist. For those of you who missed that show, bemoan the Funny 101 gap in your cultural requisites and go out and rent the dvds right now. Better yet, buy them. And punish FoxTV for (among other things) cancelling such a brilliant and honestly funny series.

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