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If I were you I'd be walking around the house saying, "please don't play with the yarn, go into the light...GO! INTO! THE! LIGHT!"


How about Mim's hedcote shawl?


I think that poltergeist makes visits to my house.


Forest Canopy? It would be beautiful!


Maybe the spirit came in with a different batch of fiber and, seeing the sparkly green handspun from afar, fell instantly and irretrievably in love?

I vote for something simple and leafy. If you want me to be specific you will have to wait until I get home and consult my library.

Beth S.

600 yards usually means something smallish. Forest Canopy is a good suggestion! As is anything Evelyn Clark-y, where you knit until you're just about out of yarn and then put on the magic edging which always works perfectly no matter how many repeats you've done.


that is so funny! I love how the stash just hides out! I hate not being able to find something when you're looking for it.


What about Jackie's "Lead or Follow" scarf. It looks similar to Baltic Sea stole -- you know, Japanese Feather stitch.


Leave your lace books open on the table and see which pattern the spirit picks. That way, if the spirit is happy, it won't hide your yarn. (Of course, if the spirit is jealous of your other projects, you might have to either explain about commuter knitting, or leave your other projects in a weather and bug proof location outside.)


Will you finish the shawl by Rhinebeck? ;-)


*shudder* A stash that moves about independantly??


Heh! Will the green sparkle yarn felt? If so, I would suggest:


Oops! Clicked Post instead of Preview. To continue, it doesn't sound like THAT nasty a sense of humor (although I'm sure it seemed so at the time).

Only someone/thing that understands knitting would hide the green wool handspun sparkle yarn in the same trunk as commercially spun cotton yarn, wouldn't you say? A poltergeist that wasn't knit-friendly would have hid it in, say, the crisper bin of your fridge, or behind the dryer, or some other unlikely place. No, this one clearly knows what's what, yarn-wise!

I like the idea of asking its (her?) advice on what the green sparkle yarn should be used for. Maybe you can offer to trade - allowing it to pick the pattern, in exchange for returning the rest of that Iceland yarn.


I'd be worried that if you knit something with this yarn, whatever you made would go missing rather quickly.


That Margene. Ask the spirits. They will guide you. If they remain silent on the subject, go with Forest Canopy.


Whenever the gremlins are hiding something from me I say "shields DOWN" and it works. At least when I can't find the stapler on my desk.

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