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How funny ... I would think of you as having longish hair. I guess it's all a matter of perspective, since mine's a bit shorter than yours, though you'd have to go back to Sept 14 to find my face on my blog -- but that's ok with me, since I'm not a square. In fact, not even going to Rhinebeck. Whinge.

Beth S.

So true. I'm not sure I could actually identify half the people I'm dying to meet this weekend. If only everyone would wear nametags. ;-)


excellent idea.
i should probably do the same.


You are so pretty. And, that sweater is wonderful; I adore the color and classic simplicity of it.

I wish I could be at Rhinebeck to meet you and all the other bloggers/ fiberistas/vendors.


I'm really very frustrated with many of the bloggers on my card because they apparently NEVER post pictures of themselves. The occasional foot-modeling-a-sock picture, but that's it . . . hardly seems fair, does it?

I'm so looking forward to Rhinebeck!


Have a ball! I am, per usual, insanely jealous. I can't wait to hear about it!


I would describe you as a total babe with an amazing joie de vivre vibe. And, of course, sporting lots of fab knits.


yummy sweater ;)

wish I could go to rhinebeck this year: look forward to seeing what you come back with!


You're on my card. I hope I will recognize you. ;-)

Rachel H

You've got me wondering whether I should wear my hiking boots for comfort, or my steel toed boots for safety.


Is the sweater a hint for which booth?


Oh boy....I need to read up on the rules fast...haha! I see that you are on my card, so there's one face I know...LOL!

See you soon!


and you'll be walking around with me, who will be sporting a very fancy green hat I just bought myself in honor of my 30 years on this earth and my very first trip to Rhinebeck.


Fat chance, hon. I will be standing between you and Linda, arms piled high with batts and credit card in hand, before you know what hit you.


Not going to Rhinebeck so I won't be calling you a square...but I have to tell you that I love the sweater you are wearing...just got back from looking at it in your FO album. Sweet. Have to but that on my 'to do' list.

Have fun this weekend!


Love that sweater. Hahaha, calling each other a square will not get old for me.


Yay for Rhinebeck bingo! I love that you describe your hair as being shortish and I would describe my hair as being longish...and yet they're both the same length ish. Does this mean you've spent more of your life with much longer hair?


Good luck at bingo. I'm rooting for you. Oh, no, that's right, I'm rooting for Judy from Circles because she READS ME, hmph. But good luck beating Lucia to the booth. I spoke to Linda at the Fryeburg Fair & told her I had seen the picture of the merino ram on the web -- she said it must have been here on Moth Heaven.


I was so excited to see you on my card. Now I get to meet you and thank you for your help with mittens!


I am one of those elusive Saturday only squares - I will try to be conspicuous!


Dude! Hope to see you on Sunday - you're on my Bingo card!


Enjoy Rhinebeck!


So glad to meet you at Rhinebeck! And I did make a beeline for Wheel Thing and Fox Hill on Sunday morning, and came home with cormo/silk blend and a Forester spindle. Yum! Excellent enabling.

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