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Good for you for organizing! Every once and I while I like to stash dive - good for inspiration! Now you just need to do some project planning!

Beth S.

That's such an excellent idea. Out of sight all too often equals out of mind, where the stash is concerned. I can't wait to see what cabled fantasias result from this exercise. :-) But you are so close to the end of Irish Moss--don't lose your focus now! It will be so satisfying to get that sweater off the needles (and onto a grateful recipient, who might just agree to look the other way when the Rhinebeck loot comes in the door. ;-)


Sounds like you could benefit from joining the DeStash Blog. Or not.
When is Rhinebeck anyway?


There is no exorcising the Stash Genie. She will hang out forever with Elvis, except when he's off collecting boats while she visits unsuspecting knitters.

(Rhinebeck? What's that? Something to do with magical stash enhancement?)


I wish I had a stash of Rowan :(


That stripey sweater is beautiful, but would look ... shall we say "unfortunate"? .... on a larger-bosomed, plump sort of woman as myself.

My daughter, however, would look cute as a bug's ear.

As for stash stirring, until I move some things out of my WIP baskets I dare not go there.


Your stash ghost is indeed impressive. I'm still missing a ball of KSH in Hurricane - maybe it got sucked up by your ghost - let me know if you come across it ;-)

Lee Ann

Wow. You actually witnessed stash box mitosis?

Lucky you. Mine just kind of sits there looking all large and overflowy-like.


Glad to hear that others experience out of sight out of mind. Need lists. But maybe, just maybe, not right before Rhinebeck. That would assume I have a superego. Ha.

Impressive amount of *warm* colors there.


I use clear bins to store the yarn to avoid the "out of sight out of mind" problem. And then put the bins up high high high...


Good luck with the stash organizing and all. I love that you say you cannot say that you need a skein of helen's Lace, just in case! I love the pattern you linked too. That looks great!

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