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I love Lucy Neatby's book, but I haven't tried that pattern yet. Yours are wonderful. I can see how great they'd look with some Docs. I need both!


Lovely, including the pirouette!


Fab socks ! New Docs would soon break in. ;-]

I've e-mailed you. Can't think why your e-mails bounced.


those are tres adorable! SO cute.
david's docs blew out finally this year too, but he scored another pair online that he seems really happy with (and believe me, this was AFTER about 6 other brands were tried . . . we shall have to bury them under the floor on the third flooer when it nears completion.)


Aww, sorry about the docs, but the socks are adorable!

Do you know how she dyed them?


I see a cute pair of Keens in your future.


Cute socks! I haven't worn my Docs in years, I never managed to fully break them in.


Those are wonderful socks. I love the color.
I miss my Docs too. I gave them to Goodwill when I moved last because I didn't think I would miss them. Sadly, I miss them a lot. sigh.....

maryse carries a nice variety of docs.

and free shipping

just an idea.


Those ruffles move me.

Jen da Purse-Ho

These socks are TOOO CUTE!!



Amy Boogie

Love the socks. The ruffle is a cute idea.
Sucks about the Docs. I dread the day when my go.


Even though a new pair wouldn't be the same, I do think it's time for a new pair, don't you? Soon they would be old favorites again. I've been contemplating a purchase myself.


Very cute socks. The ruffle is very sweet!


Those are the perfect Docs socks! They'd go well with doc shoes, too.


My Docs have maybe about another year or two in them. I should make those socks quick while I still can.

You know, I tried the plain ol' classic Docs as a substitute for my failing boots, but they're not nearly as comfortable. What's up with that?


Ohhh, those are great! Like wearing all the glory of autumn on your feet.


great color! I'm starting to think that Danskos are the perfect shoe to wear with hand knit socks..


oh you're so right - my first pair of docs I had for years and years - and now I've been slowly trying to break a new pair in, but they just aren't the same!


adorable socks! too bad about the Doc's - amazing how long they last though, isn't it!

Beth S.

Aw! Those socks are SO cute! And the perfect color for autumn. :-)

Go on, get yer bad self some new Docs! Or if not Docs, something else equally awesome. Those socks cry out for coordinating footwear!


Wonderful socks! I love the ruffle :0)


Those are really cute socks - Docs or no Docs.


So funny! I started a pair of Mariettas last week, because I thought they'd be so cute with Docs/work boots. But after I got the ruffle and about 4 rows done, I realized they were WAY to big, so I frogged them. Now that I've seen yours, though, I really need to try again.....

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