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Beth S.

Oh gosh, I wondered where I had left my bag of lovely discontinued orangey-pink Angora Tweed! So it was at your house, then. I'm so glad you found it. You can just send that yarn right back over whenever you like.

(Did that work?... No?... Ah well, worth a shot. ;-)


Did you check the garnstudio web site? You can search their patterns by gauge. I'm just sayin'.


Would your stash ghost like to come live in my house?


That ghost is way bad news.

nipper jenn

that is some beautiful yarn. your yarn ghost has excellent taste.


Crap, I had the same thought as Beth, but not soon enough.

Spooky, though.


Ohmigawd, I love that yarn. I love that gauge. I'll take it off your hands if you decide you can't work with it - I'm a vest gal.


I wonder if your stash ghost is stealing from someone else's stash--hmmmmm. Could you send the ghost my way and ask her to bring cashmere?


The funny thing is, a)I love that red and adore it, b) how do you have stash the stash ghost giveth? That never happens to me!! Also, I have some of the same yarn. I bought 2 colors, a muted teal color and a brown khaki color, but I just got rid of the brown and only have the teal color left. I was thinking to use mine as some type of shawl, such as Cozy from Knitty. I have like 6-7 skeins of it myself. I managed to snag it at my LYS when it was on sale for $3/skein.


I'm telling you, the spirit has a plan. Follow the plan. Ask the spirit for the pattern. (Leave your computer on too - maybe it's online.)
Knit and Tonic Sizzle is a v-neck red tank at 20st/4in. Just sayin. (Did you really mean 20 st/in?)


You're upset because the stash ghost LEFT you yarn?? Where's the bad in that?? (grin) But yes, you will need to find the right pattern...


Did you mean 20 sts/4 in? I thought so.
Also, I totaly mis-read stash ghost. I thought you had written stash goat. I want a stash goat!


I bet the ghost felt bad about having played silly games with the green sparkle yarn, after having read your blog post, so it fetched this yarn for you out of the aether.

I'm with Carrie - it's such a strange amount, it must have been purchased/gifted with something specific in mind. Strangely enough, I too am on the hunt for patterns that work up at 20 st/4 inches, on a smaller amount of yarn (550 yards of 501 Tweed, in my case).


Gee I sure wish my stash would reproduce, and while at it birth more desirable yarn.......


Seriously? I don't want your stash (okay, I'm lying, of COURSE I want your stash) I just want your ghost.

Please to send to me now thankyouverymuch. ;)


Can't help with the exocist stuff (not in my religious repertoire). Just put into the Rubbermaid and back up slowly while chanting "Irish Moss."

Teresa C

OH! THAT'S where I left my Garnstudio yarn. Silly me! :)

Lee Ann

You realise that it's only sort of virtuous to knit only from the stash. Because you can always increase the stash. At Rhinebeck, for example. And then say, well, you know, it IS in my stash...

(My stash editor is ruthless but carries a credit card just in case. Because, as my grandfather used to say, you just never know when Ruth is going to get back on the horse....)


Don't think I'm completely crazy, but I had a ghost in my last apartment. Screwed up all sorts of stuff. I was living by myself at the time, so there was no one to think I was nuts, but I set a plate for him at the table, put food on it, and "ate dinner" with the ghost... then I left a bowl of unwrapped candy out for him all the time... he never ate the candy, of course, but I think the fact I paid attention to him and went through the effort made a difference.. no more stuff knocked over, flipped over, thrown, or pulled out of the cupboards. it might work for you too.. unless you enjoy the stash ghost.

PS>. be gentle on my blog, i'm still new at this.


I've got some holy water brought over from Ireland before the liquids ban -- let me know if you think the Lady of Knock can help.


Technically, I think what you have isn't so much a stash ghost as a stash poltergeist. Because whatever it is, it's having a nice chuckle right now.

That Laurie

Clearly the stash ghost has more of that particular yarn since that yardage is NOT enough. Perhaps you should search the stash? Or ask for more on Knitswap -- perhaps someone else has been similarly and partially gifted with this yarn.

I already checked; I don't have any. :)


1. Personally, I think it's close enough to RED to work for the Red Sweater KAL.
2. Are you certain the stash ghost won't be able to find another hank or two of that yarn so you can knit a proper sweater with it?
3. How about knitting a sleeveless shell?
4. The Green Gable sweater is knit at 20sts/4 inches.
5. Or maybe a thick, cuddly shawl?

Just sayin'. ;-)


Yes!! Looking at it now I think it will be perfect for the stripy! I can't wait to see it. Just spent an hour or so since our conversation searching the stash for yarns for one for me. So much flexibility with the striping/yarn amounts. I hope you've already cast on.

sam lamb

I am so envious - I have two skeins of this colour and wished I had picked up WAY more. It's so lovely and the colour is incredible!

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