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Beth S.

Oh my goodness. You were there! You were actually present for the Big Day! :-) Did you wear the Moth to the wedding? You did, right?...

Wow. Just wow. All of it.


Wow is right! You lived like the Knitter's Dream day!!


It's really quite an honor, Holding The Sock. You should be so proud! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.


I want to go to Toronto!!! all of you folk out there seem to have so much fun...

But, I've heard that soon we here in Alaska will need PASSPORTS to go to Canada!!?!!!
Guess I'd better get out there soon.

Thee Arrrgyle does look beauteous, shiver me timbers!

Rachel H

For the sake of, well, the entire world I hope the Dems carry the mid-terms too. But selfishly, I'd much rather help with your house hunting.

Come back soon, 'kay?


Looks like SO much fun! I missed you at the fair the other night though. But I can see why you needed a little family time, with all that international traveling!


I'll put a downpayment on the house next door.
(We loves ya.)


So cool! You're such a rockstar!


Wow, that was quite a weekend. I don't think you could have packed any more in! You must be exhausted. Must gather strength for Rhinebeck...


It sounds lovely, if a bit surreal. The best nights always are...


Sounds like you had quite the packed and lovely weekend, but I couldn't help but fixate on the fact that you had a chicken shawarma. I grew up in the Middle East and haven't had a decent shawarma in far too long. I would give my left arm for one.

P.S. The Arrrgyle sock looks fabulous!


You were THERE? DUDE, I am so jealous. I am considering moving north just so I can live in the same general vicinity..Great post, sounded like so much fun


Wow , what a fabulous time ! The 'arrrghs' look wonderful. Sorry, can't let you go though, we (Deval, the Commonwealth and I) need your strength.
See you in Rhinebeck !


What a whirlwind adventure! Ex-pat. Did I know you were an ex-pat??


This post did make me tired! What a whirlwind adventure! :0)


So fab!


What a wonderful weekend. Maybe some pictures of yarn type acquisitions to really make us envious?


ooh i missed you, julia! i'm so jealous that you got to go to toronto!

The Purloined Letter

What a trip! Sounds like a lovely and quite amazing trip. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks at Rhinebeck.


Wow! Sounds like only the best vacation ever!


wait! you're a canadian that has moved to boston? ME TOO! i think there are lots of us hiding out. i also lived in toronto, pre-lettuce knit days. in case you are ever interested, we have a small-ish knitting group that meets downtown on wednesday nights (err, almost typed "knits" there, heh). feel free to email me if you're interested in checking it out, the venue usually switches up a bit. oh canada....


Words fail me....I am so green.

Lucky you, wedding as well. Wow!!


Goosebumps. One, they did it. Two, you held the sock. Wow.

Jen da Purse-Ho

how cool that you got to go to the wedding! and knit your sock AT the wedding! whooo-hoo!

i love toronto! i usually go up there once a year to visit the tons of family i have there. I can't wait to go again. heheeh.


It was lovely to meet you! See you at Rhinebeck!

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