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Rachel H

I still have to spin up my MDSW haul. I got some sparkly stuff from Stefania this weekend and couldn't resist trying out my new Golding Spindle with it yesterday. My results suck. But the sparklies amuse me greatly.

Tonight, I need your prayers and good wishes. The boy wants to come to the SnB this evening so someone can teach 'us' how to spin on my new HitchHiker. Actually, it may be the others at the SnB that need your prayers and good wishes...

Rachel H

Bundaflicka. Hm, you're right. It is fun.


Between you with Bundaflicka and Ruth with "Fishkill! Spackenkill!" (you had to be there, and I'm not sure even that helped), I'm going to be dissolving in inexplicable giggles quite often. People will think I've gone mad. Oh, wait, they do already.

That's quite a lovely pile of loot. I'm glad I'm not the only one who nobly refused to let the continued presence of last year's haul get in the way of this year's shopping.


Yours is not the only fiber haul I've seen that's heavily laced with silk. It's lovely, Julia. Nice to see you again.

I used to read old "Flicka, Ricka & Dicka" stories in elementary school (not to be confused with, but similar to, "Snipp, Snapp & Snurr") -- they should have lived at a place called Bundaflicka!


Those Foxfire batts are wonderful, you'll really enjoy it and the sparkle is *just* enough.


Nice haul! I was relieved not to in the Rhinebeck vicinity. I have no self-control.


Nice stuff. I totally missed Cloverleaf.

What does last year have to do with anything?


I cannot wait to start spinning up my wensleydale. I think aobut it constantly.


That Four-Play (hee hee) will be great -- I love that color on you. And my Cloverleaf purchases are totally delish too. Love the sparkles.


Great purchases. I too scored a Foxfire batt with Angelina sparkles, though in an icy blue colorway. Love how the sparkles match each batt perfectly.


You were totally restrained! On your advice, I got a Forester from Wheel Thing (and a purpleheart Spindleworks for good measure, plus a sett gauge...), and a bag of cormo/tussah from Fox Hill. (Hey, I should go write this on my own damn blog!)


You got some beautiful items Julia. Rhinebeck sounded like a great time to visit with new and old friends. You better get crackin' on the stuff from last year's Rhinebeck haul then!

The Purloined Letter

Ooh, lovely stuff!


Lovely stuff. That Foxfire batt does look yummy.

Good thing this is my first Rhinebeck. I can worry about "last year's stuff" next year...


I loved those Cloverleaf braids! Almost bought one myself but abstained at the last minute. Gorgeous colors.

I am digging the angelina lately too. Kind of wish I'd bought some of that. Regrets, I have a few...


Nice purchases indeed. I gave in to the Cloverleaf Wensleydale myself. looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.


Indeed, having ridden home from last year's Rhinebeck with the acquisitions, I think you've got your work cut out for ya.



Great choices with your stash enhancements! I love the purpley colors. They are beautiful.


I am so lucky! Joan of Cloverleaf (sounds kind of grand, doesn't it) is one of my spinning/knitting buddies and lives a few miles from me.


I may wander my house saying Bundaflicka all day. When they come to take me away, I'm going to blame it all on you! :0) Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

That Laurie

Tee hee. Reread the title of your blog entry -- I want to "go wool" too.

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