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So that's my problem: not enough knitting bags.


Of course. I've also started collecting baskets for Auxilliary Yarn Storage.

(The Christmas Tree Shop is an evil, evil store. I rue the day I discovered that they sell the Polish pottery that I collect.)


I do have a few. But they're all getting kind of gross. Might be time for some shopping.


I love her blanket! I've been planning (in my head) a purse with your Arrrgyle chart but I have yet to put it on the needles. Soon...very soon!


yep -- i've got plenty of knitting bags.

and side tables with lids for more yarn hiding.

Beth S.

Pirate... afghan. Incredible. You must be proud! :-)

I used to be so good. I had one knitting bag, and I only knit as many projects as would fit inside it. Those days are long gone, however.


I am so picking up that bag I was trying out last night at the shop. This was all the encouragement I needed, for real.


I have one- a large Vera Bradley that's unfortunately looking very worn in the handles. I carry all my needles, my Emergency Sock Kit, a ziploc of other notions, IK issue, patterns of current projects, reading glasses when my eyes fail to see those lilliputian stitches on my size 1 dpn's and I drop one, snack bar, wipes, tissues, sunglasses, stitch markers etc.... I also have a Nantucket basket for collecting my small amounts of handspun yarn, and a Longaberger market basket that has WIP's in it.

Teresa C

I used to have tons of bags, collected them like I do yarn and fabric. Then I stopped. Only thing is, the bags I use are showing serious wear, it may be time to start collecting again.

I got your message sometime late Saturday, the weekend was so crazy that I didn't get a chance to call you back-I hope you figured it out. See you tomorrow? If I make it!


I have one knitting bag (that I got at a trade show) which is lovely and capacious and has the perfect arrangement of pockets.
The rest of the yarn lives in wooden baskets (Oh, how I love the seconds bins at the local basket factory.)


wow—what a cool collection!


I don't really have any knitting bags, but thanks for posting about the argyles. I had tons of fun knitting them. I thought the origami was terribly clever, and it was a great introduction to intarsia. Stop by and take a look, if you're curious.


I have those same mesh bins (to the left) arent' they just great!


Yes, 'deed I do. Probably too many to count. One of my fav is a black patent leather Harrod's that my mom got me for my yarn at least 17 years ago. My newest Fav is the one I got this week at Boomarangs for 2.50.
I think I will post it !


Hmm....I guess I am not the ony "bag lady"...LOL!

Lovely bags!!


Hmm, I really don't have that many knitting bags. I bought a couple in the past year and one I love, the other, meh. It's plastic and floppy, doesn't hold its shape. But at the least the one I don't like was fairly inexpensive and the one I do like was a good price and I really love it an duse it all the time. I have a couple other bags that just hold yarn for projects in progress, but are rarely used to transport the knitting out of the house.

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