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I think it's hilarious that you describe seeing Margene "eye to eye." My neck gets sore just trying to talk to her for 5 minutes.


It was SO good to meet you this weekend, albeit so briefly! I love what your son said to you. Sigh. I think my kids were happiest about the maple cotton candy i scored for them.

BTW, Juno looks very much at home on that Golding wheel, doesn't she?

Lee Ann

It was very cool to meet you and finally see that yep, they all really do exist in person, these imaginary friends...

Not enough time to talk more than five minutes, it seemed, with any one person. Cate's angling for me to come to Cummington, which will be a bit less zoo-ey, I hope. And by the way, THANK YOU. You have successfully ensnared Kate and now I can finally bring my Hitchhiker over to her house to spin. You realise she forbade me from doing that for fear it would put her over the edge. Ha. Hahahahahahaha. Your foot kicks harder than mine :-)


You may not have pictures but your summary of the weekend is perfect. As for Margene, I had forgotten how hard it is for me to keep up with her when we walk together. Damn, her legs are long!


I'm having post-Rhinebeck depression. Must.Start.New.Projects--it's the only cure.


Great recap. So fun to hang out with you. My little one threw him arms around my knees when I came through the door. Already looking forward to the next one.


I never got a chance to say hello - but I saw you from afar :o) The blogger meetup was a little overwhelming...


It was all terrific fun, including the happy people greeting me when I got home. My party muscles are sore.


Sounds wonderful! You got (almost) all the Moth racers together and no shawls or photos!?

Rachel H

It was so nice to see you in person again. Far too brief though. Next time I'll have to make sure I'm in the same hotel so I can hang out at the lobby parties more.

And oh my God how cute is your little boy hug when you got home. I didn't get in till after midnight, so when I went in to give my sleepy fella a hug and kiss, he briefly woke up to show me he'd successfully learned to snap his fingers. After assuring him that yes, it was cool, I got him back to sleep.


That was a perfect summary. Today is definitely endorphin withdrawal time. I love the image of Kate spinning in the bathroom, unwilling/unable to stop. I, too, feel an insatiable urge to cast on, especially lace. Wing of the Moth.


Honey, I miss you.

The Purloined Letter

I'm so pleased to have met you this weekend! What a sweet boy you have. You'll have to bring him next time (or to MDSW?) to play with my boy!


It sounds like great fun. One day I hope to make it out to Rhinebeck. Can't wait to see what you picked up there.


So nice to meet you! I love your name. Seriously, though, here's to many more Rhinebecks!!!


So great to meet you, however briefly. Thanks for the kind words about my little chunky guy!


One more bundaflicka? ;-)


It was great to meet you (Brooks Farm booth). :)


That is the cutest thing ever. Your son is just too adorable.


What a nice summary of your weekend! It was great to see you again!


Rhinebeck was awesome! Glad you had a good time.


Hey There,

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Since when is any amount of fun unreasonable! hahahhahahahahahah. Rhinebeck was truly a high for me. I've never felt that way before, not even after exersise, or even my early hey days of smoking a j. Awesome I tell you. I hope you had as much as us!


Lilith Parker

It was fun meeting all of the bloggers, and realizing that I don't read nearly enough blogs. ;) And yes, I'm incredibly lucky to have found David. I'll always remember him binding off the second kilt stocking in my car in the parking lot Saturday morning.


It was so nice to meet you! Next time I hope to have my brain connected to my mouth, and manage to remember the word "hat". Geez! I'll never forget that bow thing though... Why oh why?


It was nice to meet you on Sunday. Your socks are even awesomer? more awesome? in person!

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