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The joys of being invited elsewhere for Thanksgiving . . . a morning knitting before I eat the fruits of someone else's mess. Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Julia! You're sweater is divine! Kudos to getting it just the way you want it. I am fussy that way too. Love the understated adorableness of the ebony buttons! Enjoy the festivities!


Today's a day of feasting elsewhere for me. But my kitchen mess was made yesterday while baking pies. Happy Thanksgiving, Julia.


Happy Turkey to you. I'm pleased to report I'm in total agreement with your button choice. And totaly jealousy of your scrumptious cabley sweater.


Happy Thanksgiving! :0)


Lovely choice of buttons. Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!


Maybe you didn't ask us, but before I got to that part of your post I had already decided that the ebony buttons were The Ones. That's gonna be a killer sweater!

Have a great day, enjoy your houseful of assorted nuts, and con some of them into cleanup duty.


Those black toggles are going to look smashing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

P.S. The ebony buttons = great choice. :)


I really like the ebony toggles. Perfect.
Happy Thanksgiving to you ad yours.



It's a MESS. But happy turkey day!

Ebony looks good. But then, I'm not big into browns.


Happy Thanksgiving! Now that I'm home and left the kitchen mess at my in-laws, I'm off to the sewing room for some R&R... Lovely sweater! Hope your day was grand.


Love the ebony. They're going to look great.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! Love your Sunrise Circle jacket, and the start of Celtic Dreams looks amazing. Those buttons are wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving weekend! The buttons will look great and what a nice start to Celtic Dreams!


I think you should wait til you see Nicky Epstein's new book for inspiration. There are a couple of ideas in it that would make the Sunrise Circle even more special. Sorry for interfering but just couldn't help myself.


Good choice! I like the ebony the best.

Beth S.

Whew. I was starting to freak out!

Still dying to see the Finished Work... :-)

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