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Cute toes!

A man who cooks. That is a dream come true.
Please tell more about the darts. They Sound Like A Good Thing.

Beth S.

Purple caulifower! Will wonders ever cease?...

Golden Gate is a design I have long admired, but figured I wouldn't have sufficient patience and skill for. I will be seriously impressed if you take it on.


It is nice to see that even the sophisticated who eat at a proper dining table have their knitting very, very, very nearby during dinner.


mmmmm roast purple cauliflower


Here here for "not quite normal." Interpret it as "above average," and it will feel more like the compliment it should be.


You look perfectly normal to me. Hmmm...


Wow, purple cauliflower! I had no idea... How does it taste?

I've never made darts before, but maybe I'll have to start trying. (I usually even skip the waist shaping, lazy girl that I am!)


I've seen the purple & orange cauliflowers at the store and wondered if they taste the same as the yellow. How was the purple?


I started the Golden Gate sweater once and loved the way it was knitting up, but knew I would not have enough yarn to complete it. You will enjoy it :-)


Quite a day. Cassie ALSO encourages color cards.

I can't see the darts. Wah.


What's up with the darts? I am intrigued. (see, the knitters always want more, more details -- we never glaze over like the poor muggles.)


I miss drinking the wine. Is it bad that, after identifying the potatoes, I noticed the wine next?


Knitting: normal.
Darts: phenomenal.

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