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It's probably not a great habit to get into, but sometimes I take a couple of Ibuprofen at bedtime and it just relaxes me enough to help me sleep better, longer before waking up, or fall asleep faster.


I always knew knitting made us smarter.

Something about getting your hands on good solid wool after an affair with something else is pretty freaking satisfying. I accidentally cast on this weekend for a good wool thing...before firmly reining myself in.
Note to self: things that are unfinished have more karmic weight than can be balanced by the quick thrills of beginning a new project. Discipline, discipline.


I'm not a sleeper either. Takes me FOREVER to get to sleep. What's a girl to do? you are right of course, knit. And the sunrise circle is next in my queue too!


I'd go for a cup of ginger tea myself, being of the opinion that it's good for whatever ails you. Of course then nature may call you before the alarm clock does.

I need a sweater so dumb even I can knit it. Until then I'm working on my red scarf.


It's a difficult thing, knitting while insomniac. You THINK you are awake. Then the next morning, you find out, not so much, after looking at the knitting. And then you find that it happens sometimes, and not always.

I read blogs during insomniac bouts. Less tinking.


It's amazing to watch the front fan out from the raglan on that sweater, isn't it? I'm in awe of the engineering. (Yay, Kate!)


That sweater is so intriguing to me. I may have to jump on the bandwagon and make it after all. I can't wait to see it finished. xox, J

Beth S.

Oh, that color! I think I even remember when that color leaped out at you in the Webs warehouse. Such good taste you have!


I love my Sunrise Circle jacket. I hope you'll love yours!


I've always had trouble falling asleep, although generally once I'm out I stay out. No problems any more, though -- I take a Benadryl at bedtime, then read until I get sleepy. It works a treat every time. After 2 or 3 years the body builds up a slight resistance to the Benadryl, so I have to stop using it for a month or so -- I'm no worse off then that if I hadn't been taking it at all, so it's all good.

My husband, the adolescent-inpatient-psychiatric nurse, says that's what they give the patients if they're having trouble sleeping. Also, if you check the ingredients, you'll find that Benadryl is identical to Sominex -- just cheaper. It's even cheaper if you buy the store-brand equivalent.

Then again, maybe you like the middle-of-the-night knitting/blog-reading opportunity. Whatever makes you happy :)


Oh yeah, I have to start mine. I love that red! At the rate you're going you'll be finished by week's end...

I'm also a lousy fall-asleep-er. I think for me it's mainly about my internal clock, but then you'd think that that would be adjustable, no? Especially with a 3 year-old in the house. There's no such thing as sleeping till 10:00! I did knit a complete baby sweater one night when I couldn't sleep- I kept egging myself on. Mind you, I didn't function too well the next day from what I remember...


I battled insomnia for years, getting worse as I got older - until I tried Lunesta. I sound like a commercial when I tell my friends about it now. It's non-habit-forming, and I fall asleep so soundly. Not for someone with small children in the house, or anything they might need to wake up in the night to attend to, though. Have been using it about a year with no bad side effects.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

How many places can you say something like, "the increases make me giggle" and have every single person understand you so well that it doesn't raise an eyebrow? :D

Rachel H

I used to be able to stay up late and knit lots. In a quiet house with no one else awake except me and the cat. Right now though it seems I can't stay awake any longer than the boychild. It's wreaking havoc on my progress, dammit.


I wonder if I knit Sunrise Circle if I'd feel smart? I'd even settle for clever. (Btw? The photo? It took blowing up the picture for me to see it as a garment rather than a seriously deformed sock. I'm really feeling a little slow right now.)


Sorry about the sleeping problems. I'm a bit late, but the DH sweater is just gorgeous!


I am smiling at Marcy's comment so true. I love the red -- it's going to be a stunner.

Mary Lou

My son told me about over the counter supplement that seems to help me with my sleep...and I have lovely dreams as well! Worth a try. The prescription sleep aids have a drying effect which is not good for a singer/teacher like myself.
Where might one obtain the pattern for the sunrise sweater? It is very lovely. Also, the St*armore is absolutely beautiful and the recipient should wear it with pride.


I had terrible problems with insomnia, until recently when a move and a schedule change meant that I can only get 4.5 hours of sleep on a work night. I now have the magic ability to fall asleep within 10-15 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, even on non-work nights.

Can't say I'd recommend this method, though.


3mg melatonin is what my dr told me to do. At least for 2 weeks and see if that shifts your sleep pattern enough to stay asleep. Check with your dr if that's o.k. in case you're taking anything else.


I usually spin when I can't sleep.

The color on that sweater is great. It must be such a relief and fast knitting, compared to the St*rmore!


Being a night owl, I can relate to productive knitting in the wee hours of the morning, so I can't help you much on falling asleep, but I can cheer Sunrise Circle on! I can't wait to see it finished. I have been toying with giving it a try, but I am not sure it will look good on my less than skinny body...

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