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I must have heard your red vibes this morning as I caston and knit a red meathead hat. I've just got done stitching on a screaming white snowflake. No drab dreary for us today!


Yay red! Mmm, that sweater sounds like a plan. I have major lust for your red rain boots -- do you happen to remember where you got them? I have nothing like that, which is a shame, given that it's November in Northern California. :) Happy knitting!


Whee-hee! That looks great. You really have been crankin' on that Sunrise Circle jacket. The red is just beautiful.


I'm so sorry your son was feeling poorly! I hate when my kids are sick, but it's REALLY miserable when they have stomach ailments. ick. Your red motif is a good antidote to the gloom outside my window, so big thanks for that. I love your Sunrise Circle jacket! What yarn did you use (or did i miss that in an earlier post)?

I hope you have a wonderful week.


Poor boy. Poor you ! Soon his immune system will be nore robust,and you won't spend the winter counting the days between contagious illnesses ! School is a dangerous place though. All those bugs ! So,I suppose we have to wait until they're adults before we're free of nursing duties. Having said that... I'll stop now. I'm depressing myself.
Sunrise Circle is looking fabulous.


good pictures. love the palatte. and the boots.


Red is my favorite color. Thanks for filling my world up with beautiful reds today.


As a fire gal (Aries) myself, I must admit to loving the intensity of your beautiful *red* photos. And while the earth slumbers, life's spark waits to be brought forth anew...bright blessings!


i do love the reds too. especially those boots.

i hope the boy is feeling better. poor little guy.


What are the nonholly berries?

Hope the little guy is recovering fully. No fun. No fun at all. The thing that is going around is respiratory, not GI. Except for when it's not.


So sorry to hear about the little guy -- that's just so rough on everyone. I LOVE all of the reds.


What a lovely post.


I love red these days. Thanks for the pictures.


There's nothing sadder than a sick kid. Last year we all got a stomach virus for Christmas, not the holiday weight-loss plan I'd had in mind. I'm glad he feels better.

We all need some red in our lives right now; I love your berries and boots. Between Halloween and Groundhog Day I always try to knit lots of bright things.


I know I gravitate towards red and yellow in the dark months. Well, I gravitate towards red most of the time, but yellow is a peculiarity of January's drear.

Your red photos are beautiful (I need red rain boots - right now).

The Purloined Letter

Your Circle looks wonderful in that color!


I used your Dulaan Easy-On Mitten pattern. The only point that may confuse a new knitter is a decrease line for the tip of the mitten. You say "At beginning of needle #2, K1, Sl1, K1 psso" that is the end of the insturctions for that row. It would be helpful if you added knit to the end. You are decreasing only once on needle #2 and Needle 3 vs. 2 decreases on needle #1. It is a fun to knit and your instructions were easy to follow.


I'm devoted to green, but I do love such a vibrant red! That Sunrise Circle is going to look gorgeous on you!

Dr. Judy

I never tire of your humor. I never tire of your poetic use of words. It's a lift every time I read. And the knitting is great, too. ;)


What a beautiful post for a gray day. I loved it. I hadn't thought about the Sunrise Circle. Maybe I'd best take another look. Fun.

Beth S.

A sick kid, and you on your own. Great. (Not.)

But the sweater? That really IS great. Wish I'd snapped up some of that yarn too!


Wow, good thing we weren't doing the KAL thing with the Sunrise Circle. You'd be whipping my butt! Looking good. :)

Red is a colour I am always drawn to, but somehow I don't knit with it too much. I think I get stuck on trying to find the "right" red. Honestly. All red is right! Thanks for the beautiful reds.


The reds of your world brighten my gray world. The red boots are particularly eye cathching.


LOVE the reds! Such a nice pick me up for all of this dreary weather we have been experiencing.


My favorite color! I didn't know pokeberries looked like somewhat shriveled chili peppers. I heard them mentioned quite a bit on the dyehappy list this summer.

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