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Oh! The Sunrise Circle looks wonderful - so spare and elegant. What a fantastic color.


That Sunrise Circle looks fantastic! What a great fit! Well done.

I am going forth with my plan to use the beaverslide for Celtic dreams. I won't worry aobut the wisdom of that decision until the yarn arrives and I can see how it is.


It looks great and fits perfectly!

And by the by, it's called 'Ripping' your stitches. Very descriptive. :P


Sweater looks lovely, I had to wait almost a week to make it to Colourful Stitches in Lenox to get buttons. If you go, I would not recommend bringing well behaved children who sit quietly with coloring books. Freaks the old lady staffers out. Imagine if I brought ill behaved children????


Very, very nice! I wish I could knit Celtic Dreams, but alas I am soon to enter a long gaping void of spare time. I will have to get by vicariously!


Looks bloody fantastic. Well done madam.


Why don't you and Cheryl have a race :-)

Your Sunrise Circle looks marvelous -- I look forward to seeing the buttons.


it looks great! :)


Oh that turned out beautifully and I do love the color!


the sweater looks great.

I'm ready to go on Celtic Dreams. Have the BWA waiting and ready.


Your Sunrise is lovely. Very lovely. Also very warm, which is a fantastic thing on a day like today. I can't wait to see it in person.


the sunrise is a success. i look forward to seeing it in person.


Your Sunrise Circle is lovely. Fits great, and the finishing is fab!

And that chestnut Blackwater Abbey is going to make one gorgeous Celtic Dreams.

The Purloined Letter

Beautiful! Sure you don't want to stick with the blue pins?


Your seaming looks lovely--as does the sweater!
I loved knitting this pattern, but all the seaming? Gah!!!


Very nice. Very,very nice ! I really like the slightly Japanese look of the front. It's a great fit and a fab colour on you.
Fancy finishing some of my knitting ?...


It's beautiful. May I someday have the gumption to attempt it. (Facing? Yikes.)


It's an absolutely beautiful sweater. Great job Julia! 6 ft tall? You're an amazon!

Rachel H

"gap-happy seam fascists"? Are they a militant splinter group of the Knitting Police?

Great job on the Sunrise.


The sunrise jacket looks amazing! (I think I have but two skeins of that very color, alas!). And so ... you decided to go with BWA? What gives?


Absolutely beautiful, love the color!
i had no particular issues with the seaming, but the placing of the buttons, and buttonhole etc. took me a long time to figure out....


It's beautiful. I kind of like the effect of the light blue pins holding the sweater closed. Enjoy Celtic Dreams. It is on my very long knit someday list.


The Sunrise Circle is wonderful, and you look lovely! :0)


Your finished sweater looks great . . . and Celtic Dreams? I did it already! But I heartily encourage you anyway, because it's just fabulous, and fun to knit . . .(grin) And I love the color you picked, too.


That word would be "ripping", which is hopefully done with a "seam ripper". ;)

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