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I think I'll take a pass on those candle holders. And WTF with the owls!


I was so taken with the vest that I went into the store to try the vest on. "Suffers from skimp" is an understatement. It missed my waist by two inches and was boxy with no shaping at all too boot. And I'm only 5'1"! Not flattering if you have any shape to you whatsoever. I like the idea, but not this execution.


arghh, they took my idea. The hat! I am making one like that for my 2 1/2 year old. She hates to have the strings tied under her chin. I am even knitting it in red. oh well it will be cute on her.


That's more like a hybrid between a pinafore and a vest. Suffers from skimp indeed.


stockinette condom! i'll have trouble getting that one out of my head. but funny. very funny indeed.


There will be new fish on my tree this year.


i do love anthropologie though. i haven't gotten a catalog from them in ages. time to stop by the store.

Sharon G.

How much are those owls? I bet Anthropologie expects you pay lotsa mulah for that kind of fug.


You know, the surgeon general does not recommend the use of knitted condoms. Very ineffective...unless you want to prevent conception by frightening away any potential lovers.

Then it could totally work.

But I still like the fish.


Yes, it's a fine line between clever and stupid. I was on the fence until the owls, and then I fell off. Splat. Like the giant baby bottle in the spring KnitScene, they just leave me scratching my head....

Mary Beth

Weird. What will they come up with next?


I have been thinking about knitting mom is a avid fisher-person and it's become a tradition to give her fish ornaments. The rest of that stuff is probably overpriced and kinda ugly. :P

Beth S.

It might just be me, but I've often reflected that if it's cold enough to wear a woolen vest, it's also cold enough for a long-sleeved shirt.


All I can say is.... Ch.... Almighty.


My friend asked me to make her that hat. I know she secretly wants to be a cute blond pixie, but she's not. She's cute in her own way, but not just like that. I am going to try and convince her that a fitted version of the hat would be more flattering. Something's got to give!


Goodness, that is some weird stuff! Except the fish. And the little ornaments.


Ho ho ho. That was quite fun.

The whole new Cast-On magazine projects deserve a fugly post in toto. That is just not my idea of a worthwhile knitting time-sink.


You are killing me. Anthropologie has sent me 6 of that same catalog with a different cover every time. Same owl cozy. Same raggy Kay-wouldn't-even-like-these-in-DENIM candlestick holders. You just do not want the textiles so near the flames, in my view. They had a larf putting those things together. And why did you pass over those plug-ugly AFGHANS in the chunky wool-but-it-looks-like-acrylic, hmmmm? Are ya slippin'? LOLOLOL. xoKay


Somebody just HAD to do this. Thank you, Julia.

That Laurie

Love the new header art, by the way.


That MOKS stuff is contagious, isn't it?


Those owls are way scary. I was at The Container Store last night and they were selling small goldfish magnets that looked somewhat similar to the ones above. Very cute, actually. Not knitted, maybe felt or fabric. Is there a goldfish thing going on that I don't know about?


I think the carp are pretty adorable. Do you know about this?

Could be a Christmas present to yourself...


That's too funny - I saved that catalog just for the fish as well! Dean wants me to make some, but I'm not sure I'm adventurous enough to try it without a pattern. If you figure one out, will you post it?


I was just at Anthropologie in NYC last week, and yes, you're right about knitted items, but more along the recycling line...the fish appear to be tennis balls, with pieces of recycled sweaters sliced up and stitched around...ditto some big large Christmas balls in various shades of cream, patchworked with old recycled sweaters, and done very rustically I might add. The, ahem, stocking holder things *were* scary -- and ugly. There was a felted goat ornament I coveted but not for $18...In any case, just wanted to chime in that those looking for a pattern might as well find some sweaters and some tennis balls and commence cutting...truly, these were not knit to fit...they're rather "loving hands at home" recycling. Hence their charm :).

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