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Liberty still has the yarn boutique. I was there in November. I restrained myself from buying yarn, but the buttons and ribbon in the haberdashery - man, oh man, they were too good to resist.


Hoe-leee crap! You've been to tons of great places! I feel bad for myself, living down here in the yarn store desert of the South. I've been to three yarn stores. Three. And one of those is closed now.


Nice collection! I'm so jealous. If online stores don't count, I've been to and bought at: The Fringe (Homer, Alaska), Birtch Tree Gallery (Soldotna, Alaska), and Knitting Addiction (Southern Shores, NC.)
Hey, no wonder I've learned to spin my own yarn!


You have missed World in Stitches in Littleton, MA
West Concord Needle Arts in (duh) West Concord, MA
That place in Harvard who's name I always forget,
ditto the place in Weston, and another in Westford.

We do live in a yarn store-rich area, though don't we?


Okay, that's it, I'm moving to New England, home of many many yarn stores. I do like the life list idea. Mine would not be nearly as long as yours, but that just means I have to work harder, right? Too bad I wasn't an obsessed knitter back when I traveled for work; I could have scored big time then.


Clearly I need to travel more!


I love Unique One (ME)! Camden used to be my "mommy vacation" spot every year for about 6 years until my friend, Joan, who lived in Southport passed away. Great area to stay and drive the coast to MORE yarn stores!


holy crap. that's quite a list.

it's not within an hour i don't think but worth a trip if only for it's mission statement -- Graceful Stitches in Medfield MA.

Mary K. Rockport

I forgot about Loom and Shuttle in Ipswich; they have a sorta good selection even though it's primarily a fabric place. And Unique One in Camden? Is that the place right down near the waterfront with the already-knitted sweaters in the front? I LOVE that place, and Camden, too. Picture #5 from the top in your yesterday's post shows the sideways knit garter stitch gloves we (daughter #1 and I ) are currently making - fast, easy and very cosy - with the yarn and pattern from that very cubby. And I pulled off your photo of the felted valance to show my husband - I've had a yen to make those for our bedroom windows, but he exerts veto control.

Lilith Parker

Creative Fibers, Windsor CT
The Yarn Garden, Meriden CT
Criations, Somers CT

And two on my Need'em list:

Sit-n-Knit, West Hartford CT
Yarn LLC, New Haven CT


The one in Harvard is FiberLoft. The one is West Concord has a harpy for an owner.


Ooh, Liberty...that yarn boutique was awesome. I wish I could go more often. :(


thanks for the list! I live out by Webs, but travel to Boston often and am always looking for new places to visit!


i didn't see School Products, in NYC on there - if you have never been - YOU WILL FAINT

CONES of cashmere at unreal prices - amazing - you go there and just have to touch everything

luxury yarns at bargain prices and really helpful and have store patterns available


I started a got'em list. I stopped.

Dude. I get around.


Holy crap! Thatsa lotta yarn shops!


What a wonderful idea -- I'm keeping a link to this post. If I'm ever in the New England area, I'll start here. And I'm starting my list for my neck of the woods, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas


When I was in New England last October, I stopped in at Harrisville Designs - they have a very cool place in a mill building. If you're southern NH, I'd recommend a drop-in. Very friendly staff.


Your need'em list should include

Black Sheep Knitting Co.
Creative Warehouse

both in (yuk yuk) Needham MA

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